Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fear of Unknown

What’s unknown? What’s fear?

We know the meaning and definition. But how far have we realized them? So are you afraid of something unknown? How can one fear something that one does not even know? Very true.

We live in constant fear, fear of tomorrow, fear of uncertain things, and fear of what-ifs. There are these formless aspects which we give shape. Tomorrow, does it have existence? Yes? Tomorrow, never existed. All that is in that brain and on the calendar as a digit. Tomorrow is just a reference. We have so many expectations, dreams attached with ‘tomorrow’ that it becomes inevitable to get over the thought.

There are ‘what-ifs’ which contribute more towards this moral disaster. We are very concerned about it. We associate the possibilities of unseen with a thought. A thought that has no form, exists inside the mind, where the imagination moulds it. What if I do not qualify in the exam? What if I do not get a job? What if I do not earn enough? What if I fall ill? What if… and what if…?

As human beings we are capable of thinking. But exaggerating a thought makes us insane and miserable. Sometimes these thought are self-procured.  At times they are induced by the environment we live in. it happens because we have been forced to think in that manner. As a kid, most of us might have experience it. A regular question: what do you want to be when you grow up? Many were blank at that point of time. None of us really bothered. Then there came options with many questions. You will become this or that. If you do not then you see this will happen, that will happen followed by examples.

Tomorrow is unknown to us. Future is unknown to us. We do not have any idea what can happen the next moment. Still we plan, not plan actually, it would be appropriate to say we think we plan for the coming days.

Future is the biggest fear residing in us, we hardly know it, yet we live with it.