Saturday, February 27, 2016

Somewhere in between Politics, Patriotism & Nationalism

The struggle for truth can be very violent.

Debates after debates in Parliament on JNU, Rohit vemula suicide. Where do we stand today? We do not actually know.

Trying to define nationalism, patriotism in different forms. Beating of students, flying a huge national flag. Flying the tricolour flag does not boost nationalism. They really will lead us nowhere.

No body provides a certificate for being a nationalist or patriot. The actions decide. It’s easy being a nationalist than a patriot. The former is politically motivated, the later shows a strong devotion to the country. Being in BJP or RSS does not prove that you are patriots. Because Congress party existed before independence and the leaders of the party, then fought for the country does not mean that they have inherited the patriotism or nationalism.

Using everything as political weapon, whether it be criminally charged student or death of a person. Instead of cast, community, blame game based politics why not do for what is of national interest?

Everyone puts forward their version of truth, what they believe or what they want the others to believe. Positioned in the highest stage of democracy you lead us nowhere.

A farmer never asked for a certificate or a badge of being a patriot or nationalist. When so many farmers committed suicide, how many times a politician visited them? Were candles lit? A soldier guarding the borders never asked for it. The honest tax payers of the country, who pay blindly believing it will be utilized for the country, patriotism exists in them. The sweeper who keeps the roads clean.

Somewhere, at some point we are all a bit patriot and nationalist.  That does not give permission to anyone to beat the accused (not proved guilty) in court premises, where he was brought for Justice. How will such incidents help restore the faith of a citizen in justice system. And why not act as a catalyst for the believers of those who were protesting against the hanging of a parliament attack accused.

As far as the rights of a citizen are concerned, you can have the, as long as you are not against the integrity of the nation or doing any harm to anybody. Anyone can raise the voice against anybody may be the govt. or a person or celebrity or a system. But it is to be done in a legal way.

You might not be here tomorrow; this country has survived for thousands of years and will remain.