Thursday, December 24, 2015

Limping Law and Democracy

We have seen enough of democracy, being the so called the largest in the world (weakest by nature).

This is a statement ‘Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people’.

I strongly feel somewhere it goes wrong. I think, if the two words ‘the government ‘is removed then it might make some sense. There are loopholes in the law, which is often misused. There are people with power who commit crime and the case goes on for years in court, and finally the person gets released, either after so many years there is no proof against or just something happens.

As a result in democracy people suffer. It is not new. Two recent cases we have witnessed. This statement is in line with hit and run case of a very popular actor, “JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED”. It took 13 years to prove his innocence. That is fine. Is not it? Innocent should not go punished. But the culprit should not be spared as well. The people who died or were hurt, did they get justice?

And another case, where a rapist and a murderer gets free because of the limping laws, the justice system whose hands are tied. And in parliament the democratic leaders who we elected have long hours of discussion whether to change the law or not. Why not treat a crime as a crime? Something that was done intentionally. Should age be a real constraint? Anticipation for a significant change by the people ended with no strict rule change.

Also we make terrorists our guest and give them son-in-law treatments, spending crores.

Why it is to be made a political issue, adjourn parliament? That is not why people elected those who sit inside parliament house.  To serve interest of citizens takes long. Instead they serve their own desires.

And there issues as
  1.  Disproportionate Asset case
  2.  Coal block allocation
  3.   2G scam
  4.  Common Wealth games

And many others…

How many big fish were punished? Democracy is a trap, where people without power are trapped after they elect people for power.