Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mars Attack

I am definitely not talking about the movie.

Mars attack! Yeah… that’s true. This news came recently from secret sources that it is going to happen sooner. The reason is the most precious thing found on Mars. It’s very true. It does not matter, whoever did what mission to find. The news is out and now every country is getting prepared.

India and Pakistan are ahead in the race. As far as India is concerned, most of the rivers are polluted, even the Ganges. People are not getting water to drink. The government has already started planning; it will be shifting a part of population to Mars, especially the people of Delhi. As the Current CM of Delhi had already stared the agitation against the corruption going on because of the water on Mars.

The Minister of Water Resources told cripoters that, they might plan for a water pipeline by 2020.  The leader of opposition accused the ruling party of engulfing a lot of money if the project starts. And other leaders of major parties joined in this drama. And the parliament session was adjourned.

Hardick Patel is now demanding quota for Patels on Mars.

Bollywood has shown a lot of interest on Mars, from now on the actors will go for a shoot there.

Pakistan started rethinking on attacking Kashmir. It does not want to lose the opportunity this time and act before it is late. It has already begun its terrorist activities on Mars, which of course was not detected by any satellite.

ISIS has conducted a flag march indicating that those who are willing for their Mars mission they can join. And a lot of people all over the world have shown interest.

USA said they will attack Mars only if oil is found. ON the other way Russia is all set pointing its missiles to the sky, if anything movable found on the way to Mars, they will hunt it down.

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