Monday, September 21, 2015

Protest for Ban on Ganesh Puja

When meat can be banned during Jain festivals and Ganesh puja, now some animal rights activists started protesting against Ganesh puja. They demanded a ban on it.

So when interviewed regarding ban one of the activists told, “After all India is country of bans (however I do not know the exact reason why we seek ban on Ganesh puja).”

The ruling party was stunned by this stunt performed by the activists and defined it totally irrelevant. The ministry of home affairs said, “India is a free county and people are free to protest. Anyway we are the ones, if we want then only it will be implemented.” They blamed the opposition party for the agitation.

The Tandab Sena of Maharasthra in their magazine posted that Ganesh puja is a major festival in the state and they are not going to tolerate this.

The spokesperson of opposition party counter attacked the Government. Why cannot Ganesh puja be banned if selling of meat can be? If the animal right activists are objecting means there would be some substance.

The media finally approached the Activist who led the protest to get the exact information regarding what sparked the protest. She told, “Cannot you see the head of an elephant kid as the head of the God? We are animal right activists. How can we let it happen? Ganesh puja is encouraging the killing of elephants. Sometimes they are killed by poachers, sometimes by people and even by trains. Heinous. We would have sued Lord Shiva for this crime. But we are not able to find him. How could he send his troop to find a head? It is totally illegal. We may call Kanji Lalji Mehta of Oh My God, in case we do not reach to a conclusion.”

“Though Ganesh puja is over, we are not going to stop here. More festivals are coming ahead. Take Dussehra. How can Goddess Durga sit on a lion? What about the lion population? You know the numbers. However we are ready to protest all over country except West Bengal (we are afraid of MoMo Banarji) “, She added. “This meat ban will add fuel to our motive. If it can be done for animals, then why not meet our demands?”

Disclaimer: It is a work of fiction and imaginary. It is nothing to do with any person or hurt religious sentiments.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sex and Half Developed Ideas

Sometimes in brain 
these not fully developed ideas gather...
they are nothing better than porn. 
You watch, get excited, but cannot reach orgasm.