Monday, August 24, 2015

In 2020 India bans SEX

Finally in the land from where Kamasutra originated, porn is banned. As some of the visionary who led to this had expressed that people would become morally cultured and the rapes and molestation cases might reduce. As Wi-Fi was made free in a lot of places and due to smart phones people were able to access internet, mostly youngsters. It is believed that to curb down the expense incurred due to free Wi-Fi usage, government has banned porn. Also as in past there were some members of state assembly were caught watching porn, while others were busy fighting. It was complained by others that porn is diverting them, all should take part in the fight as they are doing it for the people, state and the country.

After banning porn, India is set to take another leap. This is 2015. And by 2020, India will ban having sex. As it is still in discussion nothing much has come out yet. As we had seen in recent past, there were statements by some religious leaders and political leaders about having 4 kids and 10 kids. This has raised alarm for the government. After facing lot of opposition to such statements, the government finally woke up to take some harsh steps.

India, the country with 2nd largest population in the world, is just a few steps behind China. As the population growth rate is very high, it is suspected that very soon China will come to the second position. So the Advisory board came with a plan. Now PORN is banned. And soon sex will also be banned, specifically sex without contraception. This came up after a lot of studies and research. India has got enough human resource. Even if we do not produce children for next 50 years, there will not be any problem. However, people can get married. But not allowed to have children.

India’s Vision 2020 is weird in a vibrant way. So an amendment is to be passed in the parliament, the human resource minister said. And they are expecting full support from the opposition. And from trusted sources we came to know that sex will be defined as a punishable crime after 2020 provided terms and conditions applied.

As a reporter fired a question, “What happens to all the money that is ill-earned and have been deposited in Swiss bank? What if there is no heir?” There were no answers on this but a statement, we are trying to bring it back to the country.

Anyway if the news comes on TV, hell will break. And some politicians and reach people may have plans to migrate to other countries.

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Funny and relevant. Indian politics is hilarious!