Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mother of Conversion, Controversy or Peace ?

Bloody Confusing...............

As A kid I too had heard of Mother Teresa. She was a graceful lady, serving the people of the country, that’s all I knew. And she had been honoured with Nobel Peace prize. 

And few days back RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat accused that primary work of Mother Teresa was conversion. Her intension was not serving the people.  Even the book The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice by British-American journalist and polemicist Christopher Hitchens. As per his book "Mother Teresa is less interested in helping the poor than in using them as an indefatigable source of wretchedness on which to fuel the expansion of her fundamentalist Roman Catholic beliefs."

Well I was compelled to think, what’s the truth? Why dig into someone’s life when deceased? But the truth can be known from those who worked with Mother Teresa or the biographers or from modern Indian historian. Might there be other ways.

Different books claim various ambiguous statements.

Some supported the statement by RSS chief and others blamed it. But in India, anything can be considered politically and religiously.

Whatever the motive is, how can Mother’s service towards the society and poor be left behind? Strange it is, we cannot even accept the service of someone gracefully.

Some even said she did not deserve the Nobel Peace prize. I do not know whether to agree with that, as the service of Mother is definitely responsible for destroying the peace of the so called keepers of Hindutva.  

The reason for converting the generous service of a person to controversy has not been revealed yet.  

Why these things did not come up when she was alive?  In India, why do not we use past as a mirror?  

Anyway, if people had for gotten Mother Teresa, now through this silly news, they will definitely remember her. May her soul rest in peace and not haunt the religious fundamentalists.

Our current prime minister is yet to make some statement regarding this serious national moral disaster; it seems he has gone into the Manmohan Singh stage. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

BlackView: Secularism

Secularism in India 

 is tantamount to

       Run time error in a computer program. 

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Beggar & Election

The heat of election had heated Delhi environment. On the stage the candidate climbed and soon some chamchas covered him with shawls and garlands. And he started sweating among the crowd. A herculean exercise he had to do, to deliver the speech. When it was over he was escorted out.  All the media persons were running to ask him a few very important questions that might decide the fate of Delhi. Crowd disappeared, the media started to disappear. Business was done for the day.

The eye of the reporter was laid on a beggar, who was not among the crowd and he was shivering in the cold of Delhi. He found it oddly interesting and approached the beggar. Now he wanted to interview him. Though the beggar was reluctant at first he agreed to do it for a packet of bidi and a meal.

The summary of the interview was: Nobody cares about the beggars, because they do not cast their vote. He does not have an identity card. He had seen from a distance that, he candidate who gave so promising speech on the stage that dissolved in the air the same moment was covered with shawls even though he wore sweater and jacket. And the beggar was here with minimal clothes and in cold, nobody cared.

And it was broadcasted the very day and all those who were standing to fight for election were alerted and the parties started making strategies to make an impact on people.

The U-turn Ex-CM said that this time if he becomes CM again he will do something for the beggars. This is the strategy of the other two major parties to keep them poor, this is conspiracy. He will pass an amendment in the parliament to protect the rights of the beggars. If the government does not agree, he will put on a muffler and do fasting in the cold of Delhi.

When Ra-fool Gandhi was asked to comment on the issue he said, their party has empowered women and they will empower the beggars this time, so that they can ride horses.

When the NaMo Modi was asked about it his remarks were different. He was a tea seller and became prime minister. So what a beggar can become is unimaginable. He promised to discuss the agenda in ‘Make in India’.

One controversial Pakshi Maharaj who had been continuously in news for his remarks on Hindutva was interviewed regarding the beggar problem,.  He babbled, ‘Begging is tradition of India and beggars should exist. In our history and mythology do not we have such examples? Beggars are the protectors of our traditions. Hence it should continue’