Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hindus Should Become Dhritarashtra

So Pakshi Maharaj said Hindu’s should have four children. So that it would give boom to the Hindu population in the country called India. It would definitely help quell the population of minority community. He wanted to send one of the children to be a soldier, other to be given to a religious leader another to be a teacher. He did not mention about fourth one… he has plans to make it a politician.

This four children concept is a poor idea in a populated country like India. 
Some political leader in Waste-Bengal said Hindu couples should have 5 children. He stated the reason that to protect Hinduism in India it is must. 

After a few days of this incident, there came another one, this time no political leader. It was a spiritual leader; Duracharya who gave a statement that Hindu couple should have 10 children. He wanted to make NaMo Modi again the prime minister.  This open eyed blind ignorant man forgot that one can cast vote when he attains an age of 18.

Well everything is coming up after the Make in India project came in picture. All is about productivity. So to increase productivity we need man power and how is it going to come. So produce children. If we want to outnumber China, it is must. If we want to export more people to other countries it is must. After all it is the question of Hindutva. We should spread Hinduism all over the world. Why do it just in India?  And to do that we would need more and more Hindus. This is the prime focus of developing India. India across the world.

So I do not think producing 10 children per Hindu couple would be enough. I am not a spiritual leader or an MP, or a minister, and hence my words might not be spread by media. It does not matter. I insist every Hindu couple to produce 100 children each like Dhritarashtra. And I am sure the result is going to be far more fruitful than all those who gave a myopic statement of producing 4, 5 and 10 children.  Make in India, growth and Hindutva is of prime focus.  

Let us be Dhritarashtra.

Then Oxford dictionary will introduce a new word ‘Hindutplation’.

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