Thursday, December 24, 2015

Limping Law and Democracy

We have seen enough of democracy, being the so called the largest in the world (weakest by nature).

This is a statement ‘Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people’.

I strongly feel somewhere it goes wrong. I think, if the two words ‘the government ‘is removed then it might make some sense. There are loopholes in the law, which is often misused. There are people with power who commit crime and the case goes on for years in court, and finally the person gets released, either after so many years there is no proof against or just something happens.

As a result in democracy people suffer. It is not new. Two recent cases we have witnessed. This statement is in line with hit and run case of a very popular actor, “JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED”. It took 13 years to prove his innocence. That is fine. Is not it? Innocent should not go punished. But the culprit should not be spared as well. The people who died or were hurt, did they get justice?

And another case, where a rapist and a murderer gets free because of the limping laws, the justice system whose hands are tied. And in parliament the democratic leaders who we elected have long hours of discussion whether to change the law or not. Why not treat a crime as a crime? Something that was done intentionally. Should age be a real constraint? Anticipation for a significant change by the people ended with no strict rule change.

Also we make terrorists our guest and give them son-in-law treatments, spending crores.

Why it is to be made a political issue, adjourn parliament? That is not why people elected those who sit inside parliament house.  To serve interest of citizens takes long. Instead they serve their own desires.

And there issues as
  1.  Disproportionate Asset case
  2.  Coal block allocation
  3.   2G scam
  4.  Common Wealth games

And many others…

How many big fish were punished? Democracy is a trap, where people without power are trapped after they elect people for power.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Govt to fit GPS on Cows and issue birth & death Certificate

Seeing the agitation in the country due to beef Govt. has decided to take such a step, which would prevent the killing of cows and maintain the communal harmony in the country.  The country has witnessed a lot of trouble and drama such as Dadri lynching, Kerela house raid….

It has become real hard when it comes to protect cows, Govt. admitted. “It has impossible to protect people, how can we protect cows?” they told the reporters as the pressure from so called right wings keeps mounting.

Police said, “We are unable to catch thieves and other criminals… now catch the people who eat beef. We are not even paid up to our expectation. And our workload keeps on increasing”.

Also the political parties taking advantage of such incidents. Some playing minority card, some playing for vote bank. Some state govt. offering money to the victims’ families, which is reducing the state fund. These incidents are causing hatred among the countrymen.

One baba told, “Gomata would not want the dreadful incidents to occur.” 

 In order to prevent all these, the Govt. advisory board came up with a very interesting solution to such problems. And Govt. seems pretty excited.

The advisory board has suggested, they should fix GPS on each cow, so that their movement can be easily tracked. It would be easy to find if any cow goes missing. Last time Sajan Khan’s buffalo had gone missing, he made the police search for it day and night.

Also each cow should be issued a birth and death certificate. That way, the Govt. can keep track of the number of cows in the country. It would also boost the employment in India.  Census for the cows should be done each year unlike human population.

As the winter session of parliament will be starting very soon, the Govt. is going to propose the bill in the house. They are expecting a positive outcome out of it.

After the rumor leaked from some sources, now some outfits have decided to go a step further. It has been heard that they will target fish now. How can there be selling of fish? People should not be allowed at all. We are forgetting our culture. Lord Vishnu had taken Matsya avatar. How dare we show such disrespect? However Bengali people are sad about it.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mars Attack

I am definitely not talking about the movie.

Mars attack! Yeah… that’s true. This news came recently from secret sources that it is going to happen sooner. The reason is the most precious thing found on Mars. It’s very true. It does not matter, whoever did what mission to find. The news is out and now every country is getting prepared.

India and Pakistan are ahead in the race. As far as India is concerned, most of the rivers are polluted, even the Ganges. People are not getting water to drink. The government has already started planning; it will be shifting a part of population to Mars, especially the people of Delhi. As the Current CM of Delhi had already stared the agitation against the corruption going on because of the water on Mars.

The Minister of Water Resources told cripoters that, they might plan for a water pipeline by 2020.  The leader of opposition accused the ruling party of engulfing a lot of money if the project starts. And other leaders of major parties joined in this drama. And the parliament session was adjourned.

Hardick Patel is now demanding quota for Patels on Mars.

Bollywood has shown a lot of interest on Mars, from now on the actors will go for a shoot there.

Pakistan started rethinking on attacking Kashmir. It does not want to lose the opportunity this time and act before it is late. It has already begun its terrorist activities on Mars, which of course was not detected by any satellite.

ISIS has conducted a flag march indicating that those who are willing for their Mars mission they can join. And a lot of people all over the world have shown interest.

USA said they will attack Mars only if oil is found. ON the other way Russia is all set pointing its missiles to the sky, if anything movable found on the way to Mars, they will hunt it down.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Protest for Ban on Ganesh Puja

When meat can be banned during Jain festivals and Ganesh puja, now some animal rights activists started protesting against Ganesh puja. They demanded a ban on it.

So when interviewed regarding ban one of the activists told, “After all India is country of bans (however I do not know the exact reason why we seek ban on Ganesh puja).”

The ruling party was stunned by this stunt performed by the activists and defined it totally irrelevant. The ministry of home affairs said, “India is a free county and people are free to protest. Anyway we are the ones, if we want then only it will be implemented.” They blamed the opposition party for the agitation.

The Tandab Sena of Maharasthra in their magazine posted that Ganesh puja is a major festival in the state and they are not going to tolerate this.

The spokesperson of opposition party counter attacked the Government. Why cannot Ganesh puja be banned if selling of meat can be? If the animal right activists are objecting means there would be some substance.

The media finally approached the Activist who led the protest to get the exact information regarding what sparked the protest. She told, “Cannot you see the head of an elephant kid as the head of the God? We are animal right activists. How can we let it happen? Ganesh puja is encouraging the killing of elephants. Sometimes they are killed by poachers, sometimes by people and even by trains. Heinous. We would have sued Lord Shiva for this crime. But we are not able to find him. How could he send his troop to find a head? It is totally illegal. We may call Kanji Lalji Mehta of Oh My God, in case we do not reach to a conclusion.”

“Though Ganesh puja is over, we are not going to stop here. More festivals are coming ahead. Take Dussehra. How can Goddess Durga sit on a lion? What about the lion population? You know the numbers. However we are ready to protest all over country except West Bengal (we are afraid of MoMo Banarji) “, She added. “This meat ban will add fuel to our motive. If it can be done for animals, then why not meet our demands?”

Disclaimer: It is a work of fiction and imaginary. It is nothing to do with any person or hurt religious sentiments.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sex and Half Developed Ideas

Sometimes in brain 
these not fully developed ideas gather...
they are nothing better than porn. 
You watch, get excited, but cannot reach orgasm.


Monday, August 24, 2015

In 2020 India bans SEX

Finally in the land from where Kamasutra originated, porn is banned. As some of the visionary who led to this had expressed that people would become morally cultured and the rapes and molestation cases might reduce. As Wi-Fi was made free in a lot of places and due to smart phones people were able to access internet, mostly youngsters. It is believed that to curb down the expense incurred due to free Wi-Fi usage, government has banned porn. Also as in past there were some members of state assembly were caught watching porn, while others were busy fighting. It was complained by others that porn is diverting them, all should take part in the fight as they are doing it for the people, state and the country.

After banning porn, India is set to take another leap. This is 2015. And by 2020, India will ban having sex. As it is still in discussion nothing much has come out yet. As we had seen in recent past, there were statements by some religious leaders and political leaders about having 4 kids and 10 kids. This has raised alarm for the government. After facing lot of opposition to such statements, the government finally woke up to take some harsh steps.

India, the country with 2nd largest population in the world, is just a few steps behind China. As the population growth rate is very high, it is suspected that very soon China will come to the second position. So the Advisory board came with a plan. Now PORN is banned. And soon sex will also be banned, specifically sex without contraception. This came up after a lot of studies and research. India has got enough human resource. Even if we do not produce children for next 50 years, there will not be any problem. However, people can get married. But not allowed to have children.

India’s Vision 2020 is weird in a vibrant way. So an amendment is to be passed in the parliament, the human resource minister said. And they are expecting full support from the opposition. And from trusted sources we came to know that sex will be defined as a punishable crime after 2020 provided terms and conditions applied.

As a reporter fired a question, “What happens to all the money that is ill-earned and have been deposited in Swiss bank? What if there is no heir?” There were no answers on this but a statement, we are trying to bring it back to the country.

Anyway if the news comes on TV, hell will break. And some politicians and reach people may have plans to migrate to other countries.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mother of Conversion, Controversy or Peace ?

Bloody Confusing...............

As A kid I too had heard of Mother Teresa. She was a graceful lady, serving the people of the country, that’s all I knew. And she had been honoured with Nobel Peace prize. 

And few days back RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat accused that primary work of Mother Teresa was conversion. Her intension was not serving the people.  Even the book The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice by British-American journalist and polemicist Christopher Hitchens. As per his book "Mother Teresa is less interested in helping the poor than in using them as an indefatigable source of wretchedness on which to fuel the expansion of her fundamentalist Roman Catholic beliefs."

Well I was compelled to think, what’s the truth? Why dig into someone’s life when deceased? But the truth can be known from those who worked with Mother Teresa or the biographers or from modern Indian historian. Might there be other ways.

Different books claim various ambiguous statements.

Some supported the statement by RSS chief and others blamed it. But in India, anything can be considered politically and religiously.

Whatever the motive is, how can Mother’s service towards the society and poor be left behind? Strange it is, we cannot even accept the service of someone gracefully.

Some even said she did not deserve the Nobel Peace prize. I do not know whether to agree with that, as the service of Mother is definitely responsible for destroying the peace of the so called keepers of Hindutva.  

The reason for converting the generous service of a person to controversy has not been revealed yet.  

Why these things did not come up when she was alive?  In India, why do not we use past as a mirror?  

Anyway, if people had for gotten Mother Teresa, now through this silly news, they will definitely remember her. May her soul rest in peace and not haunt the religious fundamentalists.

Our current prime minister is yet to make some statement regarding this serious national moral disaster; it seems he has gone into the Manmohan Singh stage. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

BlackView: Secularism

Secularism in India 

 is tantamount to

       Run time error in a computer program. 

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Beggar & Election

The heat of election had heated Delhi environment. On the stage the candidate climbed and soon some chamchas covered him with shawls and garlands. And he started sweating among the crowd. A herculean exercise he had to do, to deliver the speech. When it was over he was escorted out.  All the media persons were running to ask him a few very important questions that might decide the fate of Delhi. Crowd disappeared, the media started to disappear. Business was done for the day.

The eye of the reporter was laid on a beggar, who was not among the crowd and he was shivering in the cold of Delhi. He found it oddly interesting and approached the beggar. Now he wanted to interview him. Though the beggar was reluctant at first he agreed to do it for a packet of bidi and a meal.

The summary of the interview was: Nobody cares about the beggars, because they do not cast their vote. He does not have an identity card. He had seen from a distance that, he candidate who gave so promising speech on the stage that dissolved in the air the same moment was covered with shawls even though he wore sweater and jacket. And the beggar was here with minimal clothes and in cold, nobody cared.

And it was broadcasted the very day and all those who were standing to fight for election were alerted and the parties started making strategies to make an impact on people.

The U-turn Ex-CM said that this time if he becomes CM again he will do something for the beggars. This is the strategy of the other two major parties to keep them poor, this is conspiracy. He will pass an amendment in the parliament to protect the rights of the beggars. If the government does not agree, he will put on a muffler and do fasting in the cold of Delhi.

When Ra-fool Gandhi was asked to comment on the issue he said, their party has empowered women and they will empower the beggars this time, so that they can ride horses.

When the NaMo Modi was asked about it his remarks were different. He was a tea seller and became prime minister. So what a beggar can become is unimaginable. He promised to discuss the agenda in ‘Make in India’.

One controversial Pakshi Maharaj who had been continuously in news for his remarks on Hindutva was interviewed regarding the beggar problem,.  He babbled, ‘Begging is tradition of India and beggars should exist. In our history and mythology do not we have such examples? Beggars are the protectors of our traditions. Hence it should continue’

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hindus Should Become Dhritarashtra

So Pakshi Maharaj said Hindu’s should have four children. So that it would give boom to the Hindu population in the country called India. It would definitely help quell the population of minority community. He wanted to send one of the children to be a soldier, other to be given to a religious leader another to be a teacher. He did not mention about fourth one… he has plans to make it a politician.

This four children concept is a poor idea in a populated country like India. 
Some political leader in Waste-Bengal said Hindu couples should have 5 children. He stated the reason that to protect Hinduism in India it is must. 

After a few days of this incident, there came another one, this time no political leader. It was a spiritual leader; Duracharya who gave a statement that Hindu couple should have 10 children. He wanted to make NaMo Modi again the prime minister.  This open eyed blind ignorant man forgot that one can cast vote when he attains an age of 18.

Well everything is coming up after the Make in India project came in picture. All is about productivity. So to increase productivity we need man power and how is it going to come. So produce children. If we want to outnumber China, it is must. If we want to export more people to other countries it is must. After all it is the question of Hindutva. We should spread Hinduism all over the world. Why do it just in India?  And to do that we would need more and more Hindus. This is the prime focus of developing India. India across the world.

So I do not think producing 10 children per Hindu couple would be enough. I am not a spiritual leader or an MP, or a minister, and hence my words might not be spread by media. It does not matter. I insist every Hindu couple to produce 100 children each like Dhritarashtra. And I am sure the result is going to be far more fruitful than all those who gave a myopic statement of producing 4, 5 and 10 children.  Make in India, growth and Hindutva is of prime focus.  

Let us be Dhritarashtra.

Then Oxford dictionary will introduce a new word ‘Hindutplation’.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Spirituality With Guns

4 cartoonists died. The vacancy is to be filled. This is what the ad stated.

Thank God, I am not a cartoonist. I am too bad at drawing.  For this blog I wanted to draw a cartoon, imagine the picture.

 A man sitting a heap of skulls, holding a japa mala of 9mm bullets, known as Bullet Baba, his face unknown to others as it remains covered. The hand that holds the mala rests on an AK47. He chants Om blood, Om bullet kills. Around his neck a garland of grenade. I was reported; a few days back a man went to him pleading for a solution for his problem. Baba moved his hands in the air and produced 3 bullets and a grenade; giving it to the man he said that his problems would be solved.

Until yesterday, I had not realized the fact that some Gods hate Hindus, some hate Muslim, some hate Christian. Even some of them hate cartoonists.

No prophet, no seer, no saint would have told that guns, swords and arms are provide a path to spirituality. I presume. If I am not fight then I have not understood them well enough. Or that could be the concept hundreds of years ago.

You know that new version or books, software and mobiles and various things keep on coming. Might be in the years the mind of the seers, the sants, prophets and spiritual leaders have been modified to a newer version to suit the new world.

So they drew the cartoons of some God or Prophet or whosoever it is. We have seen God not in reality but in different forms in pictures, in temples as shrines and idols, in paintings. So why cannot we see him in a cartoon form?

A few people entered in to the magazine office, may be their Prophet wanted to avenge as he was angry and the anger was mounted in the head of some shit-head. So they went into the office and showered fury of Prophet as rounds of bullet.  Amazing.

I have never seen Prophet Muhammad with gun, or Jesus with a Knife. Of course we have seen Hindu god and Goddess with various weapons.  Even Lord Krishna in Gita has said, it is not a sin to fight evil, so you should pick up weapon and fight.

People have their own understanding of these holy books. And that’s why may be they demolished the Babri Masjid. 2013 Burma anti-Muslim riots Monks killed. Bodo terrorists killing tribal people in Assam. Once Afghan Mujahideens used to fight for some reason and now for some other. ISIS. There are numerous examples.

No God ever wanted to kill people; the weapon they held was for the protection from evil daemons that reside within and outside. Human has developed so much, that he can decode the verse from ancient texts and make a different version of it. And in the name of God we fight people. How silly!

Wish problems could be solved using guns; mind would rot in the skull. And may be Gods will set themselves to fire seeing all this.