Tuesday, November 25, 2014

SingleMan In Restaurant

Last week I went to this restaurant, it is beautifully decorated with lights. It looks great at night. I had not expected a crowd on a weekday. 

Thus it happened. I was pissed off with the boring work at office. And the bloody traffic on the road ruined desire to be at home soon. All the morons with so called the status symbol of their car, alone contributing towards the population of cars in traffic. Whenever I was in such a frustrating situation, I used to drink to relax and calm down myself. Drinking is injurious to health, they flash on TV, on the Ad or in between a movie, many times. So I was again back to the old habit of mine, eating. 

I wanted to eat something good and tasty. After reaching home, I got out of that nerdy office formal, put on jeans and a short shirt and headed straight to the restaurant alone.

An enjoyable dinner can pacify the mind at the end of a hectic day.

After reaching the restaurant I tried to find a table for myself, it was a bit crowded for a weekday. There were couples, one or two families. I had almost occupied a table that had 4 chairs. Interrupted by someone. I looked back. This was the man who takes orders.

 He asked, for how many people I needed table. And I was just myself. 

There begun the tragedy. He requested me to shift to another table which had two chairs. And it was towards a corner of the sitting area. That’s the predicament of being single and going to a restaurant. I could see others, chatting and eating.  I placed my order and waited till it arrived. In between the time made a couple of calls.

 I had my delicious dinner and a lesson.  Though I never tip for they charge service charge and VAT, this time I put a 10% of the bill as tip and left.

Friday, November 7, 2014

RIght To Traffic Free Road

On a Saturday morning I started for Bangalore Literature Festival. 2nd day. Not to be missed. ‘What a nice way to start the week end?’ I thought. I had calculated the time it would take to arrive at the venue from my place. Reached the bus stop at 9am and it was to start at 10. 1 hour was enough.

Half way I traveled very smoothly, I was excited. Then I started seeing policemen. Smelt something fishy. Then there was a lot of crowd on the road. The traffic on the road was moving very slowly. There were posters of the politician named Koi-lalitha pasted all around which were not there yesterday evening. Some scoundrel fans of Koi-lalitha had done it in the early morning. High Devotion. Then by the time I reached the central jail road the vehicles were moving at a slower than slow pace. Half of the road was covered with people in Black-and-white, there were her followers. And there was a lot of fire in their black body for their leader was accused in a Disproportionate assets case and her hearing was in Bangalore.  I was just ten minutes away from reaching the venue. The bus came to a halt. The driver said Koi-lalitha’s cars were coming and no one is allowed to move on the road. And for a person who was criminally charged, the roads were emptied, traffic was halted.

There was a long stream of vehicles on the road. I looked out of the window. After 10 minutes a series of vehicles passed a car, a police jeep, a security van, a police van… And then the signals became green. I was late by 45 minutes.

Why treat a criminal charged person like a VIP?  IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA.

PM Parendra Modi was to address at ISRO, Bangalore. And the traffic was diverted to give him a traffic free road to reach there. And we the common men ended up in a heavy traffic, where the buses drove applying break at each meter they covered.  I reached office late.

Here is my concern. Why should not these politicians and whoever gets this facility travel like we do?

The people who travel everyday in the city or town they end up spending a lot of time in traffic. But these so called Political class people they escape what a common man faces. Unless they encounter these situations, they will definitely miss the real picture of India. What about the comfort of the people?

An ambulance is always found stuck in heavy traffic. They hardly got any police escort. Is not the life of the person important? The time of the citizens is not as important as their time.  They have got work and so do we. 


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cleanliness & Clean Politics

Photo Source: santabanta.com


Modi's speech on cleanliness really went viral. 

People came on roads with brooms and started sweeping. Cleaning the road in the road in the morning can be a great exercise than going for a walk someone commented. 

When the 'Swachh Bharat' campaigning started the PM came out with a broom, also a few celebrities too came out. And industrialist. And Cricketer. 

When a reporter asked another one who was hiding behind a bush, he said 'I have been waiting for a week here using mosquito repellent cream, just to give the news that this BIG BOLLYWOOD BOSS came out to sweep the street’ .

Who is responsible for all these garbage dumps? People blame govt. as they do not employ proper bodies to clear them. Govt blames people saying they should not throw garbage by road side or on the street. Well, both the govt and people are responsible and irresponsible in some way. 

Cleanliness is very important; we keep our house clean but make the street dirty. Ultimately making the locality flooding with garbage and rotten stinky smell. And we use an anti-pollution mask or with a hanky cover our noses when we cross and CURSING the municipality for not cleaning.

Once or twice a week the garbage collecting truck comes and clears as much as it can; it would be already over loaded. So leaving the rest of the garbage to rot, it goes in its way. 

SO IT had ITS EFFECT for a few days. 

As I am currently residing in Bangalore, on weekdays I pass through the road everyday and people dump really huge amount of rubbish there. When the campaigning started it remained clean for few days and again back to same condition. 

Everything is a cyclic process. Make dirty, then clean, again make dirty... repeat the process. Just like sun sucks the water, cloud pours down, it keeps happening. 

The problem is there is no Garbage bin, so people end up throwing the garbage by road side. It is something the Govt should take care, if no then people should demand for it. The garbage trucks can collect them easily. May be it will help reduce land fill.

Only cleaning is not going to help. Not everyday people are will sweep the roads. A prime minister will not come to remind that we need to clean the garbage.


It was Arvind Kejriwal who complained Modi is not adapting clean politics. He copied his trademark ‘Broom’ for his benefit. Unacceptable though the people are following it.

Can there be clean politics?

And when did we start following the footsteps of Gandhi? Six and a half decade has gone and nobody had bothered about it.

When it was announced before the Birthday of Gandhi in 2019, there should be a ‘Swachh Bharat’. A very simple thing about which nobody had thought of. It was his dream. If people had thought like that then there would have been no violent incidents that occurred in past. Of course you can figure out… there are many of them. Gandhi did not want Ram Rajya only in Ayodhya. To fulfil Gandhi’s misinterpreted dream they demolished a Masjid. As a result there is neither Mosque nor temple.

Some politicians commit such heinous crimes that cause trouble to the people and nation. Yet they go ignored. The Law of our country is very weak to keep them caged in four walls of jail.

Politicians wear very clean clothes and a clean character is also expected. People and Politicians, both need to change.

Cleanliness is highly required at mental, environmental and political level. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

(Hu)Man and Machine

photo source: www.wmagazine.com

Only two lines in this blog are important... Rest are like explanation.

(Hu)Man invented machine.

With the increase in number of human population on earth, increased has the number of machines. The usage is vast. From morning till we go to sleep, and even after sleeping we use machines.

Just like a smoker or a drunkard, we are addicted. To machines. It is an addiction, we just do not admit.

Numerous machines from the starting of the day till the end. Tooth brush to satellites. Mobile phones to aeroplane. If we start making the list it will require a lot of effort to do so. It may take days. These machines we have are only to reduce effort. .  NOW WHO IS GONNA PUT SO MUCH HUMAN EFFORT? HAVE WE NOT BECOME A BIT LAZY? ANYWAY THAT’S THE SOLE PURPOSE.

One of the guys said, he cannot sleep without the fan running even in winter. Other said even to get the 'gutkha' (tobacco) I do not walk, I ride the 100 m distance.

Of all the inventions though we use hell lot of things, mobile phones and vehicles are ahead of the race.

As you can see the crowded road and imagine. Mobile phone is such a handy device which has got versatile characteristic. From playing FM to whats app. Almost everyone checks their mobile every second, whether they got the beep or not. Only when they go to sleep, may be it halts. People on bike or bus, even the pedestrian walking on the footpath instead of concentrating on the road, a person stuck in the traffic... their main center of focus is the screen of mobile and the fingers on the move.

The girl got into the crowded bus. The conductor was chanting tickets… tickets…tickets…
Girl still busy fingering her mobile.
Madam ticket...
The girl told to wait for a min.
The conductor finished another round and again came back, madam ticket...
The girl got pissed off and started yelling at the conductor. What’s the fault of the poor fellow?

We get so busy with these machines that we forget there are also human beings in this planet. They act like every one of them is an individual planet. . THE MACHINES ARE TURNING HUMAN BEINGS INTO ONE OF THEM.

We plant machines to manufacture machines. There are these human like gender-less machines called ROBOTS.

All devices are not so bad... taking the case of medical instruments. Very helpful. However, the world is obsessed with machines.