Tuesday, November 4, 2014

(Hu)Man and Machine

photo source: www.wmagazine.com

Only two lines in this blog are important... Rest are like explanation.

(Hu)Man invented machine.

With the increase in number of human population on earth, increased has the number of machines. The usage is vast. From morning till we go to sleep, and even after sleeping we use machines.

Just like a smoker or a drunkard, we are addicted. To machines. It is an addiction, we just do not admit.

Numerous machines from the starting of the day till the end. Tooth brush to satellites. Mobile phones to aeroplane. If we start making the list it will require a lot of effort to do so. It may take days. These machines we have are only to reduce effort. .  NOW WHO IS GONNA PUT SO MUCH HUMAN EFFORT? HAVE WE NOT BECOME A BIT LAZY? ANYWAY THAT’S THE SOLE PURPOSE.

One of the guys said, he cannot sleep without the fan running even in winter. Other said even to get the 'gutkha' (tobacco) I do not walk, I ride the 100 m distance.

Of all the inventions though we use hell lot of things, mobile phones and vehicles are ahead of the race.

As you can see the crowded road and imagine. Mobile phone is such a handy device which has got versatile characteristic. From playing FM to whats app. Almost everyone checks their mobile every second, whether they got the beep or not. Only when they go to sleep, may be it halts. People on bike or bus, even the pedestrian walking on the footpath instead of concentrating on the road, a person stuck in the traffic... their main center of focus is the screen of mobile and the fingers on the move.

The girl got into the crowded bus. The conductor was chanting tickets… tickets…tickets…
Girl still busy fingering her mobile.
Madam ticket...
The girl told to wait for a min.
The conductor finished another round and again came back, madam ticket...
The girl got pissed off and started yelling at the conductor. What’s the fault of the poor fellow?

We get so busy with these machines that we forget there are also human beings in this planet. They act like every one of them is an individual planet. . THE MACHINES ARE TURNING HUMAN BEINGS INTO ONE OF THEM.

We plant machines to manufacture machines. There are these human like gender-less machines called ROBOTS.

All devices are not so bad... taking the case of medical instruments. Very helpful. However, the world is obsessed with machines.


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