Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cleanliness & Clean Politics

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Modi's speech on cleanliness really went viral. 

People came on roads with brooms and started sweeping. Cleaning the road in the road in the morning can be a great exercise than going for a walk someone commented. 

When the 'Swachh Bharat' campaigning started the PM came out with a broom, also a few celebrities too came out. And industrialist. And Cricketer. 

When a reporter asked another one who was hiding behind a bush, he said 'I have been waiting for a week here using mosquito repellent cream, just to give the news that this BIG BOLLYWOOD BOSS came out to sweep the street’ .

Who is responsible for all these garbage dumps? People blame govt. as they do not employ proper bodies to clear them. Govt blames people saying they should not throw garbage by road side or on the street. Well, both the govt and people are responsible and irresponsible in some way. 

Cleanliness is very important; we keep our house clean but make the street dirty. Ultimately making the locality flooding with garbage and rotten stinky smell. And we use an anti-pollution mask or with a hanky cover our noses when we cross and CURSING the municipality for not cleaning.

Once or twice a week the garbage collecting truck comes and clears as much as it can; it would be already over loaded. So leaving the rest of the garbage to rot, it goes in its way. 

SO IT had ITS EFFECT for a few days. 

As I am currently residing in Bangalore, on weekdays I pass through the road everyday and people dump really huge amount of rubbish there. When the campaigning started it remained clean for few days and again back to same condition. 

Everything is a cyclic process. Make dirty, then clean, again make dirty... repeat the process. Just like sun sucks the water, cloud pours down, it keeps happening. 

The problem is there is no Garbage bin, so people end up throwing the garbage by road side. It is something the Govt should take care, if no then people should demand for it. The garbage trucks can collect them easily. May be it will help reduce land fill.

Only cleaning is not going to help. Not everyday people are will sweep the roads. A prime minister will not come to remind that we need to clean the garbage.


It was Arvind Kejriwal who complained Modi is not adapting clean politics. He copied his trademark ‘Broom’ for his benefit. Unacceptable though the people are following it.

Can there be clean politics?

And when did we start following the footsteps of Gandhi? Six and a half decade has gone and nobody had bothered about it.

When it was announced before the Birthday of Gandhi in 2019, there should be a ‘Swachh Bharat’. A very simple thing about which nobody had thought of. It was his dream. If people had thought like that then there would have been no violent incidents that occurred in past. Of course you can figure out… there are many of them. Gandhi did not want Ram Rajya only in Ayodhya. To fulfil Gandhi’s misinterpreted dream they demolished a Masjid. As a result there is neither Mosque nor temple.

Some politicians commit such heinous crimes that cause trouble to the people and nation. Yet they go ignored. The Law of our country is very weak to keep them caged in four walls of jail.

Politicians wear very clean clothes and a clean character is also expected. People and Politicians, both need to change.

Cleanliness is highly required at mental, environmental and political level. 


Maniparna Sengupta Majumder said...

Right you're..cleanliness is required at all levels.

Hariharan Iyer said...

While I appreciate your desire for clean politics, I do not understand what this has to do with Ayodhya or Masjid.

Chinmay BlackBird said...

@Hariharan -
This was related to Gandhi's Ram Rajya