Thursday, January 2, 2014

Govt's New Year Gift : LPG price hike

When I logged into a news website, there was this news flash. 'Non-subsidized LPG costlier by Rs. 220'. 

Those few words were eye catching and heavy enough to ring a bell in mind. Reported that this is the 3rd hike in last 30 days.

There is a significance of the gas cylinder being painted red.  

And the new year had just started yesterday and may be the very popular GOVERNMENT of India (of course popular because it has been ruling India for almost a decade, not serving) was thinking of presenting a gift to the citizens of the country. And it came in the form of price hike.

Well the government might be thinking, our country is full of millionaires( out of which 22% are below poverty line, more than 70% belong to middle class)  and they are ready to pay the price whatever it might be.

Yet they are not still satisfied that, they want to suck the hard earned penny out of the pocket.  When a Prime Minister says, a person earning 35 rupees a day is above poverty line and price of onion goes up to 80 rupees, when a daily labour works the whole day for 180 rupees, more people dependent on agriculture, in that country if the price hikes go in such a way then one day the government would end on spending crores on widening the road. In ten years the prices have almost doubled.

But if the development had been doubled, this question might not have come out.

First the vegetable prices were increased; the diesel and petrol prices went high.
Now 10 to 12 times a year the gas prices are revised (only prices go up). Any way what the Govt wants? We should be able to buy vegetables, we should not go anywhere and finally we should not cook the food. Or might me here also politics is involved. I mean from political point of view if people can cook and eat, they will stay healthy, and may reach the political class protesting and ask them why they are doing it. Hence, end the root cause.

May be in a few days we will get a news that, as per '*****' Gandhi Yojana now people now can avail loan for buying Vegetables, petrol, diesel and LPG gas.  This will really be a wonderful idea.

The live joke is we have 2 very important persons in our country who are Doctors of Economy and our country is the patient.

When the Beasts who are in power will, will understand the predicament of a common man? When they enjoy the facilities that comes at an expenditure of the tax. The security, the power, the free electricity, free patrol and the luxury cars with red light they devour comes out of the tax of the common man. They cannot be called ass**** but black holes (scientifically).

Let them be stripped of all the facilities that they enjoy from the money of the people who are called common man. So that they can realize the truth. A great expectation, that if they could ever become the servant of India, rather than being the rulers. When they will end the greed that they have for power and money?

And finally the people of India should have a little common sense for tolerating all such things. Patience is good but so much of patience????????

Too much of nonsense written above, well the Indian GOVERNMENT just wanted to Wish the people of the country A Very Happy New Year.

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