Friday, May 31, 2013

Redefining Rain-Man problem

Well seeing the title of the blog I do not think I am going to discuss about the rain man problem of physics. As a student of science I was interested in this particular type of physics problem. But today it is different.

So Bangalore is drenched with heavy rain. It has been raining incessantly for last 3 hours. When I started for home after office, it was raining. I had my umbrella in the bag, felt lucky for having it as I got a chance to utilize it. But not the same feeling remained for a long time. Here the physics did not work, angling the umbrella in the direction of rain. It is useless in heavy rain. Some people still enjoyed getting wet in the rain, some ran to save themselves. Enjoying the rain, without an umbrella is good until you do not catch cold or suffer from fever.

When I reached the bus stop I was half wet, had to take shelter. A bus came and I got inside, the road has turned into drain. There was water flowing on the road, as the buses and other vehicles moved, they splashed water on each other. People had taken shelter under the flyover.

And of course the rain and traffic are very good friends. When rain comes it brings traffic jam along with it. On fly over traffic jam….this is one of the horrible things that happen to people, when all of them try to escape office on a Friday evening, the beginning of weekend and end up in a bloody traffic jam.  

When I reached Silk Board, a place from where I had to catch another bus towards Marathalli, the roads there were below one foot of water. I tried to find a way to cross the road and get into the bus. Unfortunately, either way I had to step into water which spoiled my shoes. I felt like I was going into a pool of water. Wet shoes, socks and generally it takes half an hour for me to reach my place, but not today evening. I knew it. I took off my shoes in the bus and sat shivering in cold.

And in the half way, on Bellandur flyover there was heavy traffic, vehicles moved slowly. I have very bad experience with this. It costs me almost an hour. A car had broken down in the middle of the road. I do not understand why the hell it happens on a rainy day.  The traffic moved very slowly.  I could see long lines of vehicles along both sides of the road. Rain slows down the city.

Some people drive theirs vehicles in such a way that it splashes muddy water on the pedestrians. As the drainage systems are not good, there are several pools formed at places, on the road. A sexy woman in a black dress enjoyed riding her bike getting wet in the rain.

 I reached Marathalli after an hour. And it is muddy hell on a rainy day, Same as an idly in samber. I had to put my steps vary carefully. At a place I saved myself from falling in to mud.  My roommate was stuck near the HAL, there was water till waist level, bikes could hardly move. He reached at 10 pm, but he had started from office at 7:30.

The  rain-man problem is still to be resolved.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

When you know the truth

I had seen it coming
From a distant mile
When you got to know
All about me and you

Now you know the truth
Will you ever come back to me?
It is harsh for both of us
Still we have to live

I know not of your thought
But your changed behaviour
And the gaze of your eyes
Tells me something’s wrong

Every time I think
It troubles me

There‘s a broken bridge
Between you and me
Of course we see
Each other, cannot we reach

Have I done everything wrong?
Or is it all my fault?
There’s an unfilled space
Not so hard to believe

What it was all,
Will it not be the same again?
When you know the truth
Will you come back to me?