Sunday, August 11, 2013

Introduction to Death


And he is stalking you for a long time for a perfect opportunity to rip your soul apart from you….

We think and talk about love, life, job, friends and many more things every day. We do not even bring this particular idea into mind. Death. Does it exhilarate you when it comes to your mind? Are you afraid of it? Why almost no one muses about it? Is it really a very upsetting or terrifying thing? It could be to most of us. Does it bother you? Everyday a lot of people die and the close ones to them grieve.

When a baby is born parents say, the kid will live 100 years, they pray for a long life. All are optimistic. Leave the optimist and pessimist thing aside.

Death comes to us only once, and that’s why we do not like to consider it. A lot of time is spent towards a lot of things except it. Take out a few minutes of your life just to think about death, your death. Can you dare do it? You are living your life means you are brave enough. It takes a lot of courage to live, to face the challenges of life and to feel death.

 I am not saying you to die, just feel it. After death you will not know how it was like. That also depends the way you die. Will you ever know where death is waiting for you? May be on the road, or on the other side. What if you sleep and never wake up? The bus you are sitting in blows up. You get a heart attack just sitting at your office desk. Someone shoots you or stabs you, in this case you can realize you are going to die, a perfect condition to feel the thrill. You are on the balcony of 30th floor of your apartment and someone from behind pushes you. You are eating the pizza in which is poisoned. Snake bite.

                                      Death can reach you in any form. But are you prepared for it? We prepare for most of the events in life. Exams, job interview, marriage, while going for shopping, cooking, dating… etc. and for death?

Here is your chance; it is totally up to you. What changes will the kiss of death bring to you? A touch of it will transform you. Will you be so restless that you are going to die and there is a lot of unfinished business? Death is just another inevitable truth; we behave as if it is unseen. Every existing thing will come to an end one day, sooner or later. To life the end is death, like a full stop to a sentence. It just releases you from all these hectic things you have been doing unceasingly for last 50 or 60 or 70 years. And you want to go on like that for how long? All these worldly feelings, my property, my relatives, my loved ones, go away when death embraces you. You become free. Death is divine. Would not you like to be free?

Did I bother you too much? Just relax…. It was just a thought.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

दफन एहसास

चले जाएंगे दूर कंही 
दुरी होगी इतना की नज़र ना पहुँच पाएगी 
वक़्त  हमने बिताये साथ इतने 
दोसती का करम तो निभा गये सभी 
बस अपनापन ना मिला 
दफन कियेथे कुछ एहसास ऐसे 
नजाने कंहा से चीरकर जमीन 
नीलक आये बनके जलते अंगारे 
घुटनसी महसूस होती है 
कुछ कमी रह गयी ......
कुछ तो कमी रह गयी .....