Sunday, June 2, 2013

On a Rainy Evening...

In the afternoon I had planned to go to Comic Con, the pop culture festival, where I could find a lot of comic characters. Real people dressed in various costumes. That would be fun; I had assumed seeing the snaps my brother had uploaded.

The day was good, partly cloudy, the sun not rude on the people. I walked along the street, to the bus stop. My mind stopped for a while, I was thinking which bus I should take, a normal bus or a Volvo. Still in confusion, I waited 2 or 3 buses I skipped, then no. I got in to a Volvo there was a seat empty by a girl and I was going to seat there, someone punched me on stomach.

It was my friend; we were together in high school. I had seen the Facebook update, he had arrived yesterday night. Hell of a coincidence. Any way I had decided to call him, as soon as I got into the bus. And he was in front of me. We were seeing each other after 4 years; otherwise the other ways of contacts had been online chatting or phone. He was going to meet one of his friends at Silk Board.

‘So, ready to start your second innings in Bangalore?’ I said.

After we saw this friend, we started for Koramangala, which was the venue of Comic Con. But he insisted on seeing the office location where he has to report the next day.  As we took a bus, it started raining. We had taken ticket up to a place and we got down.

As we were not sure of the place we started walking in the rain. Enquiring here and there, we kept on moving further. It was fun waking in the rain. In fact after a long time I was doing this. I have always loved it. We drifted almost 2km, to find a bus stop and where we found the bus stop, in front of it was the office.

Now we had taken shelter at the bus stop. There were few more people. 2 Bengali men talking and smoking, we sat there and there were 2 other man who had parked their bicycles waiting for the rain to stop. 2 sexy girls in shorts carrying umbrellas passed in front of us. There came several others too.

 We started taking about various things. Job, life in city and the life in a small Indian country side from where we had come. He had left his job to join another. When two male friends meet, one of the common topics they discuss about is girlfriend. Well, maybe it feels like some kind of achievement or some thing or trying to figure out which one of them is still not in the game. He spoke about his love, and I was the one to listen. When my turn came, as I am still not into it, I had nothing to say. The first thing he wanted to buy in Bangalore was an umbrella.

We waited for the bus, but it did not come. We saw a girl, who was in auto rickshaw yet she had opened her umbrella. How dumb she was, we thought.  We had spent almost an hour there, the bus was still awaited. We were wet and for sure, I thought I was going to catch cold. The rain continued. Finally we thought we should take an auto rickshaw.  When we got one and it started rolling on the road, and the rain water hit us, because there was nothing that could cover the open sides of it, we realized why the girl had kept her umbrella open.

While returning he said that Bangalore has become dirtier then the last time he had seen it in 2010. Of course it was true and on a rainy day it can be truly felt. Bangalore is no doubt growing but still needs a lot of improvement.  

It was still raining, when I walked back to my room from bus stop. I had to struggle to cross the road. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to walk on Bangalore road as if it is not meant for a pedestrian.

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