Saturday, April 27, 2013

siLLy pOint

  1.       5 blind men walked along the street together. Two of them leading the other three. Blind men leading blind.

    2.   A drunken man was lying unconscious or sleeping, near the drain, three beer bottles were near his head.

    3.    Last Saturday I was on my way home from dinner, a man got into the bus. The way he was dressed fascinated me. The man looked like a dry red chilly.
          Total red. A red T-Shirt, nothing written or no picture on it. A red trouser slim fit and a red shoe. That was not enough, the belt of his watch was also red and he was bald.

    4.   When I was in Mumbai, while travelling to office I used to see words written behind auto rickshaws or bikes.
          Maa ki dua : Here Maa refers to some goddess . (it is ok and found inscribed mostly on vehicles)
          Now I found this one behind a bike: “Mom’s Blessing’
         And another one: ‘Dadi Maa ki dua’ (grandmother’s blessing)

    5.  One day while returning from office, a group of MBA guys got into the same bus after attending interview.  One of them was a very interesting guy. He was criticizing the interviewer, because he asked questions only from those topics which he had not studied. Otherwise he would have got selected, definitely.

    6.  On a Friday evening all are in a hurry to reach home. Because it is the start of the weekend in Bangalore. And end up in a traffic jam, especially on the Electronic city fly over

    7.   In a busy city, these are the health conscious people who I see, running on a treadmill through the transparent glass windows of the gyms by the road side.  Even at 9 pm in the evening.

    8.    The V-guard inverter ad where the couple goes to adapt a child and the imperial blue ad of man in lift and women are really fascinating. 

    9.  On the T-shirt of a man

                 Real Eyes
                 Real Lies

    10. Another quote on T-shirt
               'A   picture   tells a thousand words.' 

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