Monday, April 29, 2013

At Seashore

I walk on the seashore drunk
The waves tend to touch me
I ran away amid wind and stars
Waves and people at far

Fluctuating steps carry me ahead
I see fireworks on the sky
Celebrating the New Year silently
Away from friends, music and dance

Think of calling her and calling you
She, like the wave comes to me
And then walks away, and you
Same as moonlight, I am touched
Yet you are so distant

Steps cease for sometime
Heart longs to fly high
Or sail on the sea, but
Wise mind tries to flee

After standing there for a while
Feeling salty wind on my face
A sense of change makes me drift
Towards music and drunken dance.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

siLLy pOint

  1.       5 blind men walked along the street together. Two of them leading the other three. Blind men leading blind.

    2.   A drunken man was lying unconscious or sleeping, near the drain, three beer bottles were near his head.

    3.    Last Saturday I was on my way home from dinner, a man got into the bus. The way he was dressed fascinated me. The man looked like a dry red chilly.
          Total red. A red T-Shirt, nothing written or no picture on it. A red trouser slim fit and a red shoe. That was not enough, the belt of his watch was also red and he was bald.

    4.   When I was in Mumbai, while travelling to office I used to see words written behind auto rickshaws or bikes.
          Maa ki dua : Here Maa refers to some goddess . (it is ok and found inscribed mostly on vehicles)
          Now I found this one behind a bike: “Mom’s Blessing’
         And another one: ‘Dadi Maa ki dua’ (grandmother’s blessing)

    5.  One day while returning from office, a group of MBA guys got into the same bus after attending interview.  One of them was a very interesting guy. He was criticizing the interviewer, because he asked questions only from those topics which he had not studied. Otherwise he would have got selected, definitely.

    6.  On a Friday evening all are in a hurry to reach home. Because it is the start of the weekend in Bangalore. And end up in a traffic jam, especially on the Electronic city fly over

    7.   In a busy city, these are the health conscious people who I see, running on a treadmill through the transparent glass windows of the gyms by the road side.  Even at 9 pm in the evening.

    8.    The V-guard inverter ad where the couple goes to adapt a child and the imperial blue ad of man in lift and women are really fascinating. 

    9.  On the T-shirt of a man

                 Real Eyes
                 Real Lies

    10. Another quote on T-shirt
               'A   picture   tells a thousand words.'