Sunday, August 11, 2013

Introduction to Death


And he is stalking you for a long time for a perfect opportunity to rip your soul apart from you….

We think and talk about love, life, job, friends and many more things every day. We do not even bring this particular idea into mind. Death. Does it exhilarate you when it comes to your mind? Are you afraid of it? Why almost no one muses about it? Is it really a very upsetting or terrifying thing? It could be to most of us. Does it bother you? Everyday a lot of people die and the close ones to them grieve.

When a baby is born parents say, the kid will live 100 years, they pray for a long life. All are optimistic. Leave the optimist and pessimist thing aside.

Death comes to us only once, and that’s why we do not like to consider it. A lot of time is spent towards a lot of things except it. Take out a few minutes of your life just to think about death, your death. Can you dare do it? You are living your life means you are brave enough. It takes a lot of courage to live, to face the challenges of life and to feel death.

 I am not saying you to die, just feel it. After death you will not know how it was like. That also depends the way you die. Will you ever know where death is waiting for you? May be on the road, or on the other side. What if you sleep and never wake up? The bus you are sitting in blows up. You get a heart attack just sitting at your office desk. Someone shoots you or stabs you, in this case you can realize you are going to die, a perfect condition to feel the thrill. You are on the balcony of 30th floor of your apartment and someone from behind pushes you. You are eating the pizza in which is poisoned. Snake bite.

                                      Death can reach you in any form. But are you prepared for it? We prepare for most of the events in life. Exams, job interview, marriage, while going for shopping, cooking, dating… etc. and for death?

Here is your chance; it is totally up to you. What changes will the kiss of death bring to you? A touch of it will transform you. Will you be so restless that you are going to die and there is a lot of unfinished business? Death is just another inevitable truth; we behave as if it is unseen. Every existing thing will come to an end one day, sooner or later. To life the end is death, like a full stop to a sentence. It just releases you from all these hectic things you have been doing unceasingly for last 50 or 60 or 70 years. And you want to go on like that for how long? All these worldly feelings, my property, my relatives, my loved ones, go away when death embraces you. You become free. Death is divine. Would not you like to be free?

Did I bother you too much? Just relax…. It was just a thought.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

दफन एहसास

चले जाएंगे दूर कंही 
दुरी होगी इतना की नज़र ना पहुँच पाएगी 
वक़्त  हमने बिताये साथ इतने 
दोसती का करम तो निभा गये सभी 
बस अपनापन ना मिला 
दफन कियेथे कुछ एहसास ऐसे 
नजाने कंहा से चीरकर जमीन 
नीलक आये बनके जलते अंगारे 
घुटनसी महसूस होती है 
कुछ कमी रह गयी ......
कुछ तो कमी रह गयी .....

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


photo: wordpress

Farewell to you my beloved one
Never shall I welcome you again
In my life, no more mistake

Abysmal agony these emotions
No more I can carry ahead
Must I say good bye

No longer, there I will be
Intoxicated by your sweet song
Paralysed by your tender touch

Have not I waited long enough?

For a loving kiss
For a gentle glare of your eyes
Into mine, telling truth

Like the distant moon
Reveal character little by little
On full moon, hypnotize by beauty

Fade you away then, a day
Making thirsty of your look
Cruel dirty game you play

Loved thou, Lady Grace
Memory time washes away
Not I will see thy face

Another year will come

Let summer sun dry my desires
Let rain wash my wishes away
Let winter freeze my fantasies

Final farewell to you
O’ beloved beauty
My pleasure to love thou
Hurt self, never, nevermore
Only eyes will remain.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Random Thoughts on a Walk


Girlfriends with girlfriends
Girlfriends with boyfriends
Enjoying time in togetherness
Love is there and so the loveless

A new born baby
In the arms of mother
Sees the new world with little eyes
How strange are the things, it thinks

Street vendors and shopping malls
A fight for survival
The crowd moves on
No matter what happens on the road

Old woman struggling to cross the road
Vehicles stuck in traffic
Irritatingly honking horns
A crowd at the wine shop

I look at the sky
And a few stars
The clouds were on a sail
Driven by the heavy wind

I see a girl from behind
And conceive she is a beauty
Eyes hover around
To find something desired

I see across the horizon
The eyes cannot reach them
We are trapped
In the limit of our own vision

Not a visionary I am
Not a prophet
In the hands of time
Just a puppet

I will walk back
On the way I came
Thoughts give me a ride back in time
Never can I go back to my mother’s womb.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

On a Rainy Evening...

In the afternoon I had planned to go to Comic Con, the pop culture festival, where I could find a lot of comic characters. Real people dressed in various costumes. That would be fun; I had assumed seeing the snaps my brother had uploaded.

The day was good, partly cloudy, the sun not rude on the people. I walked along the street, to the bus stop. My mind stopped for a while, I was thinking which bus I should take, a normal bus or a Volvo. Still in confusion, I waited 2 or 3 buses I skipped, then no. I got in to a Volvo there was a seat empty by a girl and I was going to seat there, someone punched me on stomach.

It was my friend; we were together in high school. I had seen the Facebook update, he had arrived yesterday night. Hell of a coincidence. Any way I had decided to call him, as soon as I got into the bus. And he was in front of me. We were seeing each other after 4 years; otherwise the other ways of contacts had been online chatting or phone. He was going to meet one of his friends at Silk Board.

‘So, ready to start your second innings in Bangalore?’ I said.

After we saw this friend, we started for Koramangala, which was the venue of Comic Con. But he insisted on seeing the office location where he has to report the next day.  As we took a bus, it started raining. We had taken ticket up to a place and we got down.

As we were not sure of the place we started walking in the rain. Enquiring here and there, we kept on moving further. It was fun waking in the rain. In fact after a long time I was doing this. I have always loved it. We drifted almost 2km, to find a bus stop and where we found the bus stop, in front of it was the office.

Now we had taken shelter at the bus stop. There were few more people. 2 Bengali men talking and smoking, we sat there and there were 2 other man who had parked their bicycles waiting for the rain to stop. 2 sexy girls in shorts carrying umbrellas passed in front of us. There came several others too.

 We started taking about various things. Job, life in city and the life in a small Indian country side from where we had come. He had left his job to join another. When two male friends meet, one of the common topics they discuss about is girlfriend. Well, maybe it feels like some kind of achievement or some thing or trying to figure out which one of them is still not in the game. He spoke about his love, and I was the one to listen. When my turn came, as I am still not into it, I had nothing to say. The first thing he wanted to buy in Bangalore was an umbrella.

We waited for the bus, but it did not come. We saw a girl, who was in auto rickshaw yet she had opened her umbrella. How dumb she was, we thought.  We had spent almost an hour there, the bus was still awaited. We were wet and for sure, I thought I was going to catch cold. The rain continued. Finally we thought we should take an auto rickshaw.  When we got one and it started rolling on the road, and the rain water hit us, because there was nothing that could cover the open sides of it, we realized why the girl had kept her umbrella open.

While returning he said that Bangalore has become dirtier then the last time he had seen it in 2010. Of course it was true and on a rainy day it can be truly felt. Bangalore is no doubt growing but still needs a lot of improvement.  

It was still raining, when I walked back to my room from bus stop. I had to struggle to cross the road. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to walk on Bangalore road as if it is not meant for a pedestrian.

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Redefining Rain-Man problem

Well seeing the title of the blog I do not think I am going to discuss about the rain man problem of physics. As a student of science I was interested in this particular type of physics problem. But today it is different.

So Bangalore is drenched with heavy rain. It has been raining incessantly for last 3 hours. When I started for home after office, it was raining. I had my umbrella in the bag, felt lucky for having it as I got a chance to utilize it. But not the same feeling remained for a long time. Here the physics did not work, angling the umbrella in the direction of rain. It is useless in heavy rain. Some people still enjoyed getting wet in the rain, some ran to save themselves. Enjoying the rain, without an umbrella is good until you do not catch cold or suffer from fever.

When I reached the bus stop I was half wet, had to take shelter. A bus came and I got inside, the road has turned into drain. There was water flowing on the road, as the buses and other vehicles moved, they splashed water on each other. People had taken shelter under the flyover.

And of course the rain and traffic are very good friends. When rain comes it brings traffic jam along with it. On fly over traffic jam….this is one of the horrible things that happen to people, when all of them try to escape office on a Friday evening, the beginning of weekend and end up in a bloody traffic jam.  

When I reached Silk Board, a place from where I had to catch another bus towards Marathalli, the roads there were below one foot of water. I tried to find a way to cross the road and get into the bus. Unfortunately, either way I had to step into water which spoiled my shoes. I felt like I was going into a pool of water. Wet shoes, socks and generally it takes half an hour for me to reach my place, but not today evening. I knew it. I took off my shoes in the bus and sat shivering in cold.

And in the half way, on Bellandur flyover there was heavy traffic, vehicles moved slowly. I have very bad experience with this. It costs me almost an hour. A car had broken down in the middle of the road. I do not understand why the hell it happens on a rainy day.  The traffic moved very slowly.  I could see long lines of vehicles along both sides of the road. Rain slows down the city.

Some people drive theirs vehicles in such a way that it splashes muddy water on the pedestrians. As the drainage systems are not good, there are several pools formed at places, on the road. A sexy woman in a black dress enjoyed riding her bike getting wet in the rain.

 I reached Marathalli after an hour. And it is muddy hell on a rainy day, Same as an idly in samber. I had to put my steps vary carefully. At a place I saved myself from falling in to mud.  My roommate was stuck near the HAL, there was water till waist level, bikes could hardly move. He reached at 10 pm, but he had started from office at 7:30.

The  rain-man problem is still to be resolved.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

When you know the truth

I had seen it coming
From a distant mile
When you got to know
All about me and you

Now you know the truth
Will you ever come back to me?
It is harsh for both of us
Still we have to live

I know not of your thought
But your changed behaviour
And the gaze of your eyes
Tells me something’s wrong

Every time I think
It troubles me

There‘s a broken bridge
Between you and me
Of course we see
Each other, cannot we reach

Have I done everything wrong?
Or is it all my fault?
There’s an unfilled space
Not so hard to believe

What it was all,
Will it not be the same again?
When you know the truth
Will you come back to me?


Monday, April 29, 2013

At Seashore

I walk on the seashore drunk
The waves tend to touch me
I ran away amid wind and stars
Waves and people at far

Fluctuating steps carry me ahead
I see fireworks on the sky
Celebrating the New Year silently
Away from friends, music and dance

Think of calling her and calling you
She, like the wave comes to me
And then walks away, and you
Same as moonlight, I am touched
Yet you are so distant

Steps cease for sometime
Heart longs to fly high
Or sail on the sea, but
Wise mind tries to flee

After standing there for a while
Feeling salty wind on my face
A sense of change makes me drift
Towards music and drunken dance.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

siLLy pOint

  1.       5 blind men walked along the street together. Two of them leading the other three. Blind men leading blind.

    2.   A drunken man was lying unconscious or sleeping, near the drain, three beer bottles were near his head.

    3.    Last Saturday I was on my way home from dinner, a man got into the bus. The way he was dressed fascinated me. The man looked like a dry red chilly.
          Total red. A red T-Shirt, nothing written or no picture on it. A red trouser slim fit and a red shoe. That was not enough, the belt of his watch was also red and he was bald.

    4.   When I was in Mumbai, while travelling to office I used to see words written behind auto rickshaws or bikes.
          Maa ki dua : Here Maa refers to some goddess . (it is ok and found inscribed mostly on vehicles)
          Now I found this one behind a bike: “Mom’s Blessing’
         And another one: ‘Dadi Maa ki dua’ (grandmother’s blessing)

    5.  One day while returning from office, a group of MBA guys got into the same bus after attending interview.  One of them was a very interesting guy. He was criticizing the interviewer, because he asked questions only from those topics which he had not studied. Otherwise he would have got selected, definitely.

    6.  On a Friday evening all are in a hurry to reach home. Because it is the start of the weekend in Bangalore. And end up in a traffic jam, especially on the Electronic city fly over

    7.   In a busy city, these are the health conscious people who I see, running on a treadmill through the transparent glass windows of the gyms by the road side.  Even at 9 pm in the evening.

    8.    The V-guard inverter ad where the couple goes to adapt a child and the imperial blue ad of man in lift and women are really fascinating. 

    9.  On the T-shirt of a man

                 Real Eyes
                 Real Lies

    10. Another quote on T-shirt
               'A   picture   tells a thousand words.' 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Rising Above Emotion

Last year December night
When it was cold and dark
All I needed was you
Your love and warmth

You drifted far away
I have been a sailor in time
Yet looking for a shore
Baby, life is a sea

I will sail through

You got your smiling Sam
Loved him pretty much
A lovely charm on your face
For you all music and dance

This autumn, alive I am
Happy and handsome
Now the Sam is gone
Leaving you in tears and alone

When I see your pitiful face
I feel no emotion,
Life is not the same season

You never change character
Come & disturb in my dreams
Not the same guy again
To fall in the sweetest pain

Baby, I am rising above emotion.
Not to be bound in bond
It is not anymore fun
 am not coming back to you.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


In the darkness of night
I wake up, sleepless
For a forbidden fight
No longer have I wanted in life

I sit in front of a mirror
And it does not lie
On the shiny surface
Restless eyes and weary face

Walking into ghost memory
In the stillness of night
And disturbance of mind
Steps dare move forward

As my heart beats, feel
The pulse and pain, like
A thorn through my heart
I’m bleeding inside

Steps stop at the gate
After all that happened
Will you let me through?
Answer I know, no

In this timelessness
Tidal wave of life
I fell like a stranger
In my own space

Exhilarated with a sudden desire
Of no more to live longer
A queer smile on my face
An eternal sleep I would embrace.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Part time Lover

Back to life, suddenly alive
When the eyes saw you
Gleaming beauty in sunshine
Thought, you’re meant for me

A living portrait you’re
Lady of beauty and grace
Of my dreams, with
A pleasant smile on face

A piece of cloud in the sky
Wandering wind around the world
I was, found a reason
A cause, to stop by

Frozen dreams awakened
Desires willing to fly
Expressed feelings of heart
Queen of my dreams, thou art

Happily she spoke of her love
Taller grew my heights of hope
Prince charming of her fairy tale
Not me, was someone else

Saw the sea go dry
Felt the day become dark
Like a feather falling helpless
Fell on earth biting dust

So naïve in this trade
Hit by the recession of love
Dreaming of spring in life
Soon realized, a not over winter.

Daylight and is over illusion of love
Being blind a temporary matter
Yes, sense, I was just a
Part time lover, only a part time lover.