Saturday, October 27, 2012

Silly pOint


1.  As I sat in the bus moving Towards Marathalli from Silkboard, found an Ad on the boundary wall. It said ‘SAFE TUTORIALS’. 

A  As if it was the only coaching center to study and be safe and rest are unsafe.

2.  I had heard of chicken biriyani, fish biriyani, and prawn biriyani….Have u ever heard of ‘STAR BIRIYANI’?

I  It is not any kind of biriyani, just name of a shop.

3.  It was 8pm and near HSR layout, I found a man jogging. I thought it was really great. No time bound.

   8am or 8pm, it does not matter. Only u should have interest to do.

4.  There is a chat center in Munnekolala, Marathalli. The name is written very skillfully, exactly as below



5.  ‘I have never traveled in a local bus.’ How many of you say it? Observe in the bus, the conductor chants ‘ticket ticket ticket….’ He repeats the same word thousands of times in a whole day. More than that of a priest who recites mantras or chants holy words in a temple.

L  Luckily ‘Ticket’ is not the name of any god. Otherwise he would have got Nirvana by this time.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

fallen flower

(click on the pic to see)

fallen flower, as we sat in the grass after lunch, the flower lying on the grass below the tree, beauty that persists while on the tree and even after falling down. Beauty is never lost, we just need to find it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 my words

                    Pain is something with which we have a very intimate relationship. Some of us might have forgotten, As a new born baby the 1st lesson we are taught on earth is pain....There is a reason why I am in love with pain.

                                --BlackBird (BlackView)