Saturday, October 27, 2012

Silly pOint


1.  As I sat in the bus moving Towards Marathalli from Silkboard, found an Ad on the boundary wall. It said ‘SAFE TUTORIALS’. 

A  As if it was the only coaching center to study and be safe and rest are unsafe.

2.  I had heard of chicken biriyani, fish biriyani, and prawn biriyani….Have u ever heard of ‘STAR BIRIYANI’?

I  It is not any kind of biriyani, just name of a shop.

3.  It was 8pm and near HSR layout, I found a man jogging. I thought it was really great. No time bound.

   8am or 8pm, it does not matter. Only u should have interest to do.

4.  There is a chat center in Munnekolala, Marathalli. The name is written very skillfully, exactly as below



5.  ‘I have never traveled in a local bus.’ How many of you say it? Observe in the bus, the conductor chants ‘ticket ticket ticket….’ He repeats the same word thousands of times in a whole day. More than that of a priest who recites mantras or chants holy words in a temple.

L  Luckily ‘Ticket’ is not the name of any god. Otherwise he would have got Nirvana by this time.


kapil said...

I liked the last point :-) ... good post keep blogging

Chinmay BlackBird said...

Thanks Kapil..

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