Friday, April 27, 2012

Silly PoinT

  •  Last Sunday I was at a first food center, a girl with a pink T-shirt stood opposite to me. There was a   quote    on it.  
                  "69% of the statistics are worthless."
      'wow', I thought. Where this statistical figure came from ? I wonder. May be from statistics.

  •     2 days back 2 bus drivers on the half way stopped the bus and started fighting, verbally. We being outsiders could not understand what they exchanged in Kannada. They did not care that we were      getting  late for office and without having breakfast in the morning 7.45 am, is such fall out a substitute    for it?
  •  One day the bus reached near the Lemon Tree hotel, where it halts for a while. And the  conductor
         shouts      'Lemon Rice'.
  •  In many Indian MNCs there are thousands of employees who are not in projects.Earlier they were said   to be in free pool. But it has been redefined now. They are not in free pool any more, instead they are in  talent  pool.
  • Cricket is no mare gentleman's game.
  • I had stopped blogging for a long time because of a hectic software engineer's life .