Sunday, March 20, 2011


Celebrating Holi??????

Festival of colors…….comes once a year. We buy colors and apply on others. How easy that is! Fun, joy all comes together.

In a similar fashion, life is also colorful. Every time it adds different colors to our life. But we don’t celebrate holi everyday. What we see all around us? Colors, different objects with various colors, green trees, blue sky, dark sky at night, silver moon, yellow bright sun,.

The year 2011 has been very colorful till now. The world cup cricket is going on. Japan is going through a harsh time. Double blow to Japan tsunami and earthquake with nuclear disaster. Now the world can see the other side of nuclear weapons and plants and other activities related to it.

We (me n my friends) are searching for jobs in Bangalore. When there is a walk-in there are thousands like us. And waiting there for a long time I find pale lack luster faces, sleepy eyes, losing patience minds.

I miss the holi that we celebrated for last four years in the college campus. Life goes on. As I am in Bangalore I miss the college hostel, those hundreds of friends, the fun and masti . This time holi is colorful as usual but for me it is almost charmless & colorless.

The time that we spend in joy and the time that we suffer in agony have its own color. There is love and hate, hope and despair, victory and defeat; all these things are the color that life uses to paint us.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Silly poinT

1. I am blogging after a long time. Do U care about that?????

2. I was walking on the Outer Ring Road near Marathalli, Bangalore. And I found written on a Board

                                       "SCANDAL uniSex Saloon"

3. There is a garment shop for men in my hometown the board displays its name as

                                      "MENS Point"

4. I found this internet cafe. the activities carried by it are
                                     Hero scopes (instead of horoscope)
5. I stay in a PG. the area in which I stay has a lot of PGs around. their names are Balaji PG, Sai Balaji    PG,     Sri Balaji PG, Sri Sai PG. Cannot they find some other different name????????

6. Every walk-in at Bangalore is a nightmare for the HRs and a war for the freshers. At the end of the day some return victorious and the rest go back defeated & wounded.

 Just try to count the heads in the picture given below.

7.Why do they put coconut in every dish at Bangalore ??????? Even sometimes in chicken curry .

8. By the way, is everything fine??????????