Saturday, August 20, 2011

Govt. for WHO ?????

The people are protesting and protesting. And the System that they have elected is not listening to them? Wow that is funny.  

The very simple question that rises is Why is this Govt. there and for what purpose and for who?

When I was in school I read in civics that the Govt is elected for five years and the period is different in different countries. Here we are talking about our very own country, India. The Govt acts as the ruler and works for the welfare, the development of the county. People chose the Govt through voting system because they hope that it should do for the interest of the people. The body that we call Govt. is the servant of the country and the people.

I think the line that we learn at school 'Govt for people by people' is a wrong phrase. Children are taught not right things.

The above lines were very simple as we learned as kid. But as we grow up we see a different form of Govt. Our perception changes. People elect the Govt. but after that they are fooled. The promises made by different political parties before election are forgotten. And now they, after coming to power they are busy in fulfilling their wishes and desires.

Is that what the motive of the Govt. ? For who the Govt exists ? A govt that does not approve the need of the people ? What kind of system is it? You say this democracy? India is the largest democratic country in the world. That is a big question. 

People now want a better country, a developed one. And that is not a fault, is that? What is the problem that this Govt cannot approve the Jan Lokpal Bill ? 

That points finger on the character of the Govt. Govt for people or Govt for self ?????????????????????????


SUB said...

i am not in favor of Lokpal as it is...but cannot understand why the govrn. is afraid to have a transparent discussion in the parliament...

Hariharan Valady said...

Partly we, as voters have to blame ourselves because it we who had elected these unresponsive leaders who make up the Govt for self rather than govt for us.

Chinmay BlackBird said...

right a transparent discussion is needed. now if you politicians wear white clothes that does not mean that you have a bright character. they indirectly say that we are the most corrupted people of India, so we can not do such a thing..

Saru Singhal said...

I strongly feel that we don't use our brains while casting vote. Without naming the politician, he is father of a murderer and he gets all the votes from my city. Leave the fact, what his son has done, this leader has not done anything in the past 2 years for the city. Still people touch his feet when he is in town. I ask Government for Whom???