Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Blasts That Rocked Mumbai

I was returning from office on 13th, 7.45 pm. There was a man by my side busy on phone. He was talking to his girlfriend in Mumbai. He urged her to return to home soon and stay on line with him till she reached home. The reason, there were three blasts in Mumbai. Being in office from morning 9 to evening 7 I am totally blind and deaf to get the info about outside. I did not have the least idea about the news and was startled. Thought ‘How much more pain the city has to face?’ 

Blasts have rocked Mumbai again.  And Mumbai is familiar with such incidents so that might not have taken Mumbaikars by surprise. But still common life was hit by the heinous act by  some extremist group. 

This was not the first time such incident happened there. Yeah, I would say it incident. Incident because, they only occur again and again, accidents happen occasionally. Mumbai has nurtured a habit of such a dangerous kind.

Common public life was affected. The business capital of India why always encounters such things?

Why does the intelligence fails to collect information before this happened? Nothing is going to happen though I write that question in this blog.  But is not it a matter of national security? 

No doubt that people of Mumbai are very brave, the life will become normal like earlier. There is no such thing that can paralyze Mumbai life. The Janta of Mumbai is also bored by the incidents. Every such incident is a wound and always leaves an inerasable mark on its body. 

A Raj Thackeray blames immigrants. Instead of blaming he could have suggested a solution if he thinks himself a powerful leader. 

They love to play with guns and bombs. The time should come soon to teach them lesson. They must taste the bullet. 


SUB said...

people of Mumbai will return to work no because they are brave, but because they have no other options...if the stay in their homes to grief they will die of hunger...its a shame that politicians and news channels are using it to divert peoples mind from the real problem...problem is not the terrorists but our system that cannot stop them...its a shame...

Neha said...

hey,,hey,hey,again and again,,,its the mentality of our beloved politicians and police that leads to this kind of attacks,,i dont feel safe,,we boast that our country is going to be next superpower,,huh,,i dont think so,,coz,,our system of internal security is so one works,all sleep and bribe.thats our india.when tere is a blast,all r active,,,later on,,same as usual.i really get fed up with dis,,ohhhhhhh.tere must be a deep restructuring in intelligence and mindset of politicians.and most of all,,politicians,,try to luv ur fellow indians,,

Chinmay BlackBird said...

@ sub : u r right my friend, the politicians and media are the culprits

@neha : ya these politicians are word warriors, for them people pay with life, no politician is ever hurt in such blasts, unless they are targeted like Indira & Rajiv Gandhi.

And Rahul Gandhi said these terrorists can not succeed even 1% in India. ok, but they don't even fail. What about that? If you want to take action do it. Why are you provoking the terrorists????