Thursday, July 7, 2011

...I hate news channels.....

Why I hate news channels???

The news channel from which I heard news 1st was DD1 and for half an hour in Hindi and another half an hour in English.  But now a days there are so many news channels like mushrooms grown here and there in rainy season. There is hell lot of difference between the new that is broadcasted in DD news and other news channels. 

Earlier I did not like to watch news but now I want to watch news to know about what is happening around but they are not worthy watching.

These channels have a sole commercial purpose than a social cause.

These days, what we find in news is really interesting. And that is what they want TRP.
When Aishwarya becomes that is a big issue. What will be her kid’s name, parenting tips from King Khan, this that hell and f***. Every day Indian mothers give birth to babies in the rural country areas, in the slums and most of them die at a very young age and no news channel gives a shit about it as it won’t give them TRP. 

Ambani’s flat makes a sensation in the media. Dhoni has a flat worth 6 crore Indian rupee, and Viru has one of 5 crores. Like this many more. But the real India that lives in a huts and slums. That straw tin or tile thatched houses that they won’t show.
A small issue they broadcast in such a way that hell broke somewhere. And they repeat the same thing for hours and hours making it a special report.  

One man will be sitting in the studio in a news channel and that same person continues for the whole day. Seems it has become a lucrative business to run a news channel though you have a few reporters.

They should be the watch tower or guard for the society. But the motto is missing. 

I don’t really find much difference between an AD company and a news channel. The only difference is the AD companies do it for products and the se channels do it for the people who are of high profile say politicians, cricketers and celebrities. You do not catch that? Here the process is exactly opposite. The problems, the plight f the people, putting forward the truth in front of the country which should be their prime focus instead.

To say it is a kind of terrorism. It is not what it seems. And people simply accept it. It is in some way our fault also. We want entertainment and more than any other channel these news channels can do it better. 

If you go on digging it will go deep. But I hate news channels though they are good entertainers.

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amrita ray parida said...

news channels....phew they have mutated