Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Brand 'Gandhi' business..


I do not really get a point to start, but I have to begin somewhere, as the things have initiated long back. When we say ‘Gandhi’ it points to one person and he is very well known to us, by name or by some other way, the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi.
Gandhi is not with us but few other existing Gandhis who we know by their specific first names and ‘Gandhi’ as suffix. 

So why Gandhi be a brand? Obviously a question in mind. 

The things are pretty simple. There have been several Gandhis as the prime minister of the country. They get a benefit from the Gandhi, who fought for the country.  People believed these Gandhis  because of that one Gandhi, they might do some favor to the country. But do you think they landed upon the expectation of people? Indira Gandhi was mad with her power and same mistake was repeated by her son. And everyone is aware of the consequence. Now politics is a family business for the Gandhis. 

I don’t accuse the Gandhi who fought for the freedom for all these; did he do it for a name or fame? Well I do not know that, what he did time brought him a great value and respect. But definitely I hate those who have taken the advantage of it.

Few days back I heard something about Rahul Gandhi, he has turned 40 or 41, and there was a celebration for this future of the congress party. Sonia Gandhi didn’t become prime minister. That was a political move I would say. But now it is time for Rahul to take the position after Manmohan Singh. And the stage was being prepared. How can the post 1948 Gandhis resist the lust of being the prime minister of India?
So there was this political drama by Rahul Gandhi in UP, which he is habituated of staging. He went to meet the farmers. 

According to the Hindu,
“….Huge posters of Rahul Gandhi dominated the complex..
Mr. Rahul on Friday wound up his foot march through the dusty heartlands of rural Uttar Pradesh and returned to Delhi. “

Wow. Indeed so touching. The innocent people will not understand say conspiracy.

When Gandhi was in Dandi march there were not huge posters of him all around.

Whenever the congress comes into power I don’t know why but the petroleum product prices and vegetable prices go up. That was in news 2 weeks ago. It had happened again and again. Gas cylinder price has increased to 400 or more from 275. In cities they buy it black, and it is even more.

Once the 6th pay commission was implemented and the prices suddenly touched a height.  What the man who is not under it will do? Consider the daily worker.
One Gandhi didn’t like to wear clothes that could go below his knee because people of the country are poor and they don’t get clothes to wear. Now there are such conditions created you can imagine on your own.

Gandhi never told build dams and this that in my name. But the existing Gandhis they are very eager to make themselves a brand. Indira Gandhi airport, rajiv Gandhi airport, Gandhi sagar dam…….

The situation of Rae Bareli, the election battle field of Sonia Gandhi, the people there are disappointed with their Lady Leader. She has only spent the 40% of develop

If Gandhi has become a brand because he is used by ‘Gandhi’s with prefixes, that is not his fault.

(I wrote something odd or something from here and there, that is not my fault. Driven by mind, affected by situation)


SUB said...

well said...brand 'Gandhi' is pure business....

Saru Singhal said...

I agree with you. Though, I loved the last line of your article.

amrita ray parida said...


Anonymous said...

I think you are underestimating the people of India when you imply that they elect(ed) the Gandhis because of the surname. Are Indians so foolish, gullible, mindless?

Secondly, you say "there have been several Gnahis as the prime minister of the country"! Apart from Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, who are the other such PMs?

About Rahul Gandhi's histrionics in UP - don't most politicians in India indulge in ludicrous histrionics of all sorts including rath yatras for example?

Chinmay BlackBird said...

@ Matheikal: My friend I am not underestimating Indians. But they are innocent. Indira Gandhi was PM for 15 years, Rajiv Gandhi was PM for 5 years and our Current background PM is Sonia Gandhi...
From 60 odd years of independence they have been in power for half of the time, if serving the country were the real purpose then you could have seen a better India.

I hope you can understand how things are.

the farmers came to the rally because they thought som1 came to eradicate their plight, but what is behind the politicians white cloth and inside the dirty mind they are ignorant about it.