Sunday, May 8, 2011

Being Software Engineer

I left the office and got into the bus. At the next stop some guys 4 boys and a girl got into the bus. They were software engineers of a reputed company, their I-cards were hanging. The bus was half empty. There are front seats where above written 'ladies', indicating that they are meant for ladies. And they sat there. One of them said that those were ladies seat.  All of them got up and still they were in confusion that should they leave them or still be there. 

I was with my friend; we are also of same category, software engineers. I told him look, the problem of being a software engineer, they check all the variables and parameters before proceeding.  In software development analysis is most important part and they are doing that. 

Another day my friend was seated in bus, that seat was meant for senior citizen. I was behind him. One old man came and told him to leave the seat and he had to. How could he miss the parameter???? That caused him trouble and he had to stand all the way.
Software engineers go for lunch or dinner they will calculate the time complexity there. The food that they are going to order will arrive soon or not. 

Sitting for hours in the office in front of a system looking at the screen that contains only codes, when asleep if nightmare comes it contains codes only. 

Now when it comes to leisure or any free time, they talk about how they are proceeding in their respective project. This is happening in this program and that problem occurs there. 

Life goes in same way life software development life cycle. Analysis, designing= planning of life, coding = building a career or something like that, then testing = see whether you succeed in that career or not, else go for some other choice. Then life goes in maintenance.