Sunday, April 24, 2011

Things that I cannot get back

Do you still make paper boats and put them in water when it rains???????? Do you play with toy cars now or make sand houses or dig tunnel in the heap of sand?????

Do you still fly kites? I miss them a lot. Once I used to. Or do you now argue with your dad to buy you chocolate and ice cream??????

Don’t you miss the girl now who you could not say something you wanted to ????

Life is a continuous process of losing so that we can gain something. This statement of mine has same as that of the proverb ‘To gain something you have to lose something’. Some might see it in a different way. There should be a blood group C- (c negative), for people like me. Unfortunately it is not there. 

Coming back to the topic, life, however, is not a profit or loss statement. Due course of time what we go on losing is time. The very first thing that I would like to talk about. For every second we miss we get to know a new time. Think if we hold this Monday then how we can get another Monday. I mean to say for the things we go on missing we come across new things. 

Life is simple, complicated and also interesting. Very much contradicting. In our life there are a lot of things that we can put to list of ‘things I cannot get back’. A lot of things, I said it wrong.  Till the very second you read this statement, you can add all to list.  I was a kid once. Can you be a kid once more? At times you can act only like that but going back is not possible. There is no going back in life. Life is a time machine that can take you forward only. As I missed my childhood, from a teenager I became an adult. Today I am 23 and once I was 12. I cannot be again a boy of 13 or 15. That stage of my life is gone and I have come through it. Now I can only recall what I used to do during those days. If you compare life with a staircase, for each step you rise up, you can look back but you cannot go to the previous step, it gets broken.

I used to go to primary school, then to high school. I completed my schooling to get into a college.  The next step was engineering college. You see, all these things I have or you have done, have got a different beauty. It is inappropriate to say that I have not enjoyed those days. We all enjoy but someone takes more pleasure and someone less.  So whoever you be reading this article of mine, try to take maximum from life or get more from life. Hope you understand me. You must enjoy to the fullest of the moment you live. Because you see you cannot get them back again. Later you will be thinking I wish I would have done this done that. Why regret if you have not done something? You must have been through something that others have not.

Once you enter professional level, I tell you, you will crave for those days. I had a lot of friends in college; we used to play counter strike for hours and hours. Used to watch movie together. College life was real fun.  Today I miss them.  I graduated in 2010 and now I am a professional. What I can do is go through the moments captured by camera or my diary where I cascaded my days.  When you do it there is also joy.

I am staying in Bangalore, I miss my parents. Yesterday morning when I got up I remembered mom, two drops of tears came out of my eye. In college whenever we got holiday like Dushera, or winter vacation or summer vacation, there was delight an excitement that we are going home. Today I want to go home, I can but I have less holidays. 

Till now this much, later perhaps I can share more experience. Hope you don’t get bored, there are still a lot of things left and you can think about what you are missing.


Angry Ganu said...

Living life is quite simple yet complex.

"Live today as if it is going to be your last".

If we live by this motto, life is very simple but to live by this motto is quite complex.

Chinmay BlackBird said...

yeah you r abso100%lutely correct.

SUB said...

gr8 post....when u cannot change the past and have o damn idea about the future...why worry about them?

Richa P Madhwani said...


Richa said...

plz remove verification..

Chinmay BlackBird said...

@ richa: what verification?