Monday, April 11, 2011

Schooling is of No Value

Why did I go to school for ten years? That is not a small time period.  How can you waste 10 years of your life man? In these 10 years a lot of thing can happen and no need to explain, you are capable enough to imagine. 

Did I go to school to learn a, b, c, d… or 123... .??? My parents taught me at home before I learnt them at school. There are a lot of things that are taught at school, the thing that we term ‘education’ we get at school and at home.  Don’t say tech school or business school, they are there only to amalgamate tension to our lives.

In school we read a lot of things I would not use the word ‘learnt’.  We read mathematics, science, social science, history, geography and civics. The teachers told about manners and a lot of things. Those little things we were taught in school are highly useful in our day to day life that we ignore. 

But looking at the life it does not seem they have a value today.  That schooling has lost its significance as we grew older. You think about it. Is not it true?  There are numerous things that I can not put light on them but I can cite a few.

How many of you go to see the flag hoisting on Jan 26th or Aug 15th. They were very auspicious and energetic childhood days once, when you used to give slogans to the loudest of your voice.

In science we read about various causes of pollution and different kinds of pollution. Still people feel that burning the rubbish that is thrown in the dust bin will clean the locality. Don’t you have common sense that it pollutes the air?

We should not smoke, we should not hew tobacco. That we read in school and our teachers told us a long back. Who can remember things for a long time? They are just a burden on memory. (But I don’t find what people say, smoking can give you relieve from tension or pressure.)

Leave all these things; they don’t make any sense as we grow.  That’s what our notion is. They were good when we were in school. Now we are grown ups. Time has changed. Who gives a damn about it?

If you had to become and an engineer or doctor what was the need to go to school. You could have learnt a, b, c, d… at home. That was not a hard task. Learning English words after knowing alphabets is easier. Then you would have joined Pre University College. It is so sad that you had to join school because it has become a rule. You must be regretting ‘why-did-I-go-2-school’ when it is not useful life any professional course.


SUB said...

well said :-)

Nishana said...

Good one!

In a country like India, when everyone has to be competent enough to survive, as the opportunities are less compared to the no. of needy , schooling does a major role in filtering out just based on academics. But yea, need to re-think whether it has failed its purpose empowering and developing a next gen of India! 'Filtering' and 'grading' should not be only based on mark scored in exams, but over all behavior, commitments etc whatever is needed to 'create' a well developed youth, should have importance too.

Thought provoking post..Thanks for sharing

Chinmay BlackBird said...

@nishana: thanks

right. life would not be such miserable as we find it today if if concentrate on the little things that we learnt at school.

Raghu V N said...

perfect!! I completely agree with your views.

Angry Ganu said...

Please do not equate being educated with being literate.

People are literate but not educated. You can see this when people litter all over the place, spit all over the place, don't care about traffic rules, don't care about smoking cigarettes.