Saturday, April 16, 2011

Local Bus

In a big city like Bangalore, where the working class people have to travel to their respective working location bus is a convenient and reliable way of conveyance. This is what people of Bangalore find; I don’t need to prove this point. I have spent more than 7 months in the city. 

You work in an MNC or in the Tin Factory. You are looking for job in this city of hope or you want to go home. It is a bus that can take to your destination.

That’s true. More than private bus in this city people prefers Govt. buses. There are hundreds of buses with different names; they are christened in an alphanumeric manner like 500A, C-1,201 j…. . We can get many buses from a place to different locations frequently. 

Still there is an ugly picture behind the local bus journey. Bangalore is a metropolitan city. And the traffic here is terrific. Five days a week I have to go to office since the day I got job. And I can say in these 20 days I have earned a very bad experience.  Every day morning at 7am I have to get a bus from Marathalli to Electronic city. Morning is the best time because there is less traffic. But from Silk Board, I have to change bus and there are a lot of people who wait for the bus and its like participating in a competition to get into the bus.

Now if you are inside the bus after this much of struggle then don’t expect a seat. There are more people in the bus who go standing than the seated ones. In this less space the conductor would any how manage to come to you and you have to get a ticket. Though the bus gets overloaded they would pick more and more passenger. Now its time for the conductor to shout salpa.. salpa.. banni.. banni.. something something.. in kannada. Those two words seem funny for one who does not know kannada but by saying these words he is telling you to get inside and if you are close to your destination then get down soon.  I also don’t know, people shout “door open madi” for the door to be open. And you fight for a little space to stand in side the bus.

Earlier when I used to for a walk-in, generally on Saturday morning you would find only freshers   who are waiting for the bus and there the condition goes worse than other days.

While returning from office now there is war declared every day at silk board bus stop.  There are hundreds waiting for these local buses to go towards tin Factory. When a bus comes people surround near the gate, before the bus comes to halt they also run along with the bus.  As the door opens many of the try to enter through the door that can only allow 2 people at a time. 

One day I had also involved myself in this and I was pulled by someone behind me and I had to abort. There were times when I had to wait more than an hour to get a bus to Marathalli.  Believe me not a single bus goes without being overloaded. 

There are AC Volvos but that are not given priority by the people where a majority of them are of middle class also the fare is a factor. But in the evening, by the time when the offices close they are also in same situation.

There are seats reserved for ladies in the bus. One day 2 girls were seated in front of the seat me and my friend had occupied.  A big man from both height and stomach came and told the girls to leave the seat because there are seats for them at front. The girls left the seat, and the man struggled to sit, at that time I passed a comment ‘ is the seat enough for him to sit?’ the man looked back. I pretended as if I had told nothing. I didn’t want to invite trouble. The man kept looking back time to time.

Though it is tough sometimes in local bus due to traffic and heavy transaction of people but they somehow play a role in running the general urban life. 

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SUB said...

Nice post...i think it is same in most Indian cities...I hav never been to Bangalore...or Bangaluru...but i can related to it as i hav traveled in Mumbai trains...