Sunday, April 17, 2011


I logged into my face book account and checked for new messages and updates from my friends. New photos uploaded comments on status messages, videos and pictures.  There one of my friends had set his thought that appeared on my wall. He had written in caps, 


Interesting? What is the impact of the line on your mind? It reflects the mind set of the individual at some situation that forced him to put his thought in that way. Just think a while about the line. What do you get?  Is there any eligibility criteria to love a girl?

I would like to know how many of you go with the line written in caps above.

So let’s talk about love first and then we will come to job.  To love a girl it needs a heart or a job that depends on you. Because you cannot ignore various aspects of a single situation. A few need a heart and may be others need a job. There can be another dimension, that you should have a job first and then a heart.

Now theoretically a heart is enough to make love with a girl. But things keep on changing, you know it better. Hope you can understand what I want to say. Practically you have to maintain the love relationship and in this case heart alone cannot help itself.  Things are some what like this. You have to talk to her on phone also; sometimes you may need to pay her phone bills. ( I am not saying this from my imagination, I have seen things happen like this)  You have to take her out for lunch or dinner. You show her that what you can do for her and pay the bill. You offer her surprise gifts and at least on her birthday it is a mandatory task. (Some order expensive birthday cake and offer her, which she and her friends devour if she stays in a girls’ hostel and you don’t even get a bit of it.)

If you want to do all these things you can not depend on you parent’s money always like you used to do in your college days (for those who have passed out). If you are still in engineering college or some other you can continue like this some more time. So you need a job if you want to have an expensive and extravagant love. 

Those who are in love please don’t mind.  Not all the people get a true lover. So for a kind of love where feelings play a role and for some where there has to be a maintenance charge to be paid. 

Do you feel I am going against man?  Let me talk about our counter part. Now all the girls are good at heart that can not be predicted. They also need some one who is caring about them. All of them cannot get a Prince William. Now what they mean from ‘caring’ they only know that. So they want someone with a job, which could be more helpful (for both).

Now you know you need a job or a heart to love, or a bit of both. Let me know your view.


SUB said... do not need a job to fall in love...all you need is a heart..<3

job decides weather your love is reciprocated :-P

amrita ray parida said...

hehehe liked the way u have written but, the boy may be didnt get the cake piece...he must have got a big chocolate....nd girls even gift their boyfriends....nd coming to job....well its just a sense of security....i dnt think if ur daughter will want to marry someone without a job ull allow her to do so...

Chinmay BlackBird said...

don.t take this article seriously. it was written for fun with a slight flavor of reality.