Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daily Life

Daily life. When I was in school I used to write that essay. Here I am not going to repeat that. In those days I wrote what ever I did with time everyday and notice one thing. Did you ever write about Sunday there?

We used to describe whatever we did from the time of waking up till we went to bed in that essay. That was once just a task for us then except that we never bothered about what our daily life was. But after getting a job or being a grown up person if you really think how our daily life is today, it seems pretty busy. In fact, no one has got time to spend on thinking about it. 

My younger brother would always complain how much to do the things regularly everyday. It is so boring.

So I was forced by my daily life to muse over it for a while. And life has changed. Changed in the sense it has fallen into another pattern. For a certain period of time it runs in the same way day by day. I was watching the movie ‘TITANIC’. Every one knows the movie is a classic piece. What did you learn from the movie? Obviously no one asks you that.  But I have a bad habit of watching movie alone and I jot down whatever dialog touches me. So it was a line from Da Caprio in the movie that meant – he does not know where life will take him tomorrow. But people like you (all those with who he was dining) know what you gonna be doing tomorrow. There is no change. I was playing cards, I won the tickets to this Titanic and now I am having dinner with you. Tomorrow I will be somewhere else’

In my college days the 1st thing after getting up was to turn on the laptop and listen to rock music. Before that I used to go for morning walk or jogging when I was in school. Now at the same time I have to wake up, take bath and wait for the bus to go the office. See the way life is changing. 

We get so much involved in life that we don’t even think of getting out and look out of it. Daily spending 9 or more hours in office sitting in front of a computer and doing the task of a software engineer from a fresh graduate I feel really boring. But I have to do it. Only Saturday and Sunday are relaxing. Then there is the only thing that clouds the mind is how to go to office the next day. And at the end of the day re turn from office, search for a hotel to have dinner and after browsing net go dead till the next wake up.

Now when I go back down the memory lane I crave for those past days that I have spent and that I cannot get back again. That was a different life and this is different. Life will go on like this. Say at least a ‘no’. try once to step down the regular track, however it is not possible in the professional life and we cannot take risk with our job. We have simply fallen into pattern and that’s has become our daily life.


Nikhil said...

nice one yaar today i saw at your blogs you may of the topics.... its good buddy keep it up.......

SUB said...

yea...so true...in a professional life one becomes insecure...but there are definitely weekends and leaves...if one wants one can always do something different ...:-) nice post

amrita ray parida said...

i like the way u write...its simple nd touches heart... =)

Chinmay BlackBird said...

Thanks all.

@amrita: i write like a school guy, i know that. but i dont know what it makes others feel. Sometimes we need others to define ourselves.