Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cup of Hope, Cup of Life

The match had already begun in minds and it was to come on screen.  Each and every one with one common important wish ‘India to win the World cup’. Will the history repeat after 28 years, it has been a long time since India held the world cup trophy? It was going to happen in 2003 but Australia then snatched away the glorious moment from us. Now it was time for Team India to avenge, for kangaroos India is not a suitable place, so they returned home in the quarter finals. 

It was the all time rivalry that reflected in the semifinals with Pakistan, since 1947 may that be politics or anything we always have competition and an appetite to defeat the other. Once again this year after 2003 India defeated Pakistan in World Cup semifinals. Now the hope of 100crores of people was strengthened, the hope of cup. The day India defeated Pakistan there were celebrations all round, millions of people and millions of reason of joy. People came to roads in the midnight with shrieks of victory. There were the bikers who roamed around in excitement. The happy noise of crackers filled the environment, lights in the dark sky.

And the day came when India had to face Sri Lanka, the strong contender of the world cup. The match began and India got a good start but later Sri Lanka bounced back and succeeded in making a defendable score. I was watching in my friend’s room and we were 8. The Team was tensed on the ground and the viewers watching live were also in the same state.  Indian batting started and because of malicious bowling of Malinga India lost two of its great batsman. When Sachin got out there, we nurtured a feeling that scarcely there was a chance of winning, but the hope was not lost. If not Sachin, then Gambhir. If not Gambhir then Yuvraj otherwise Dhoni. There should be some one to Lead India to victory. With each ball pitched on ground there was an attached emotion that bounced. Gambhir played a responsible innings and Dhoni played the role what a captain should do.  The lost hope was restored. India gradually drifted towards the world cup. And the match finished with a HUGE SIX hit by Dhoni, after a long time he gave his signature finishing. 

With that Significant victorious end the celebrations started in and out of the field. At last Sachin got his world cup. India was gifted with the World Cup again after 28 years, really a long time. 

Boisterous noise filled the environment. Again the same joyous situation came same as that of the day of victory over Pakistan but this time with an added flavor that we have won. It was not just a simple win. People again on streets and this time with beers of cheers.  Greeting and hugging each other in this rare moment. Spraying beers on each other and the Indian flag was flying high, bikers moved with the flags in hand. Fire crackers with each noise told that we won, we won, and we won. 

A salute to those who made India glorious and a salute to those who did not lose faith in the critical situation.



amrita ray parida said...

seriously what a match.........can never forget this !!!

Chinmay BlackBird said...

yeah 28 years, i was not born then 2 watch the match. but i witnessed India win the World CUp