Saturday, April 30, 2011

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  • Today there is happiness, tomorrow there will be sorrow. Today there is story the next moment there will be song. Now you are with friends, sometime later you may be alone. The journey that U r continuing today will come to an end someday.
  • Life is a flirt. In some way it attracts you and keeps you attached with it.
  • It's so sad that feelings play with heart. The variable feelings wander place 2 place but heart remains there only.
  • If you know there is no way out from something, just move a step further into it
  • Life is a state of violence.
  • Success will never let U stay in peace; failure will never let U keep quiet. hope drives us insane and despair makes us so heavy, we fell difficulty even to carry our own weight. LIFE, INDEED IS A TRAGIC COMEDY.
  • The sadness that has been sincere till today has become my only friend hat is adamant about not leaving me. I want to separate from it, but how can I leave this true friend ???
  • Life is Like wine, once get addicted u cannot leave it. once who takes birth lives till death.
  • It seems life has decided to put me in trouble always. But that is the beauty of life. Unless there was pain, we would not have experienced what pleasure is.
  • It was raining when I got out of the office and I walked to the bus stop. Getting drenched in rain has always been fun for me. Still there is a pleasure in getting wet in either way.
  • Today we are ESTRANGED and the reason is you. You are the one who shunned me. But remember if I can offer you a Rose, I am also capable of putting a bullet from Gun.
  • ...but now I feel I must kill those feelings and bury somewhere in myself only.
    • world is a wretched place
    • Do dreams have restriction?????? Sometimes.... they do have.
      • The sun does not sweat and clouds don't wet themselves
        Life is infected by life itself. Patience has
        become patient. Breathes go breathless. Alas! life is healthy in a sick


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