Saturday, April 9, 2011

ATM: out of service

Think of the day when all cash machines go out of service then what will happen. How crowded the banks would become??
Where would you go for money if the ATM is not working or though working it is out of cash and the bank is closed after 5 in the evening??????

I had to draw money in the evening because I had to pay the hostel rent and needed it badly for the upcoming expenses. Whenever it comes to withdrawing money the first thing that reflects is the nearest cash machine. So I walked to the SBI ATM in Munnekolala, the locality where I am staying at present in Bangalore. It was around 6.30 pm. there was a guard in blue shirt and black pant inside the Counter enjoying the AC sitting on a chair. I pushed the door to get in and he said the machine was out of cash. I needed money badly, so I turned towards the Marathalli Bridge. There are two SBI cash counters there. Again bad luck, the first one was not working; there was a display message on the screen ‘TEMPORARYLY OUT OF SERVICE’. There were other people in need of money, but they were also disappointed. I drifted towards the other one, which was about a hundred meters away from it. Others followed suit. I increased my pace so that I could reach before them and have an advantage as we have to stand in a queue. It is a FIRST IN FIRST OUT process. And I discovered a long queue than expected. Still I had to be there to get money. There were girls, old man, married woman and others in the same line waiting for their turn.

Life gets stuck at the ATM machine if it is not functioning. Everyday people need money and on holidays the bank remains closed. But it is also not possible to go to bank to with draw money. Earlier people were used to it, due course of time because of ATM it became easier, no need of bank to draw money ATM machine is enough provided it should have cash. In case of urgency a man can eye only at the ATM for money if he has the card. When it goes dead think how much trouble u have to face?

 One of the two cash machines had no cash, there was a NO CASH tag kept hand written on the machine. There was a guard who monitored the crowd for smooth running of the cash drawing process. I started counting the number of persons standing, and mine was just 27. I sighed; there were a few behind me also. I saw some frustrated faces return as they found the queue longer than the length of their patience.  Two girls stood a person ahead of me and they were talking in Oriya. One of them was good looking. The old aged guard grumbled on a bunch of Assamese girls over some matter and spoke in Kannada, neither the girls nor I could understand.  One of those girls babbled something and I only understood 2 of her words ‘pagal buddha’. It was already 8.15pm when my time came.  Still there seemed to be the same length queue and more people were coming to withdraw money. While returning I mused where the 2 girls would have gone.

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