Sunday, March 13, 2011

Silly poinT

1. I am blogging after a long time. Do U care about that?????

2. I was walking on the Outer Ring Road near Marathalli, Bangalore. And I found written on a Board

                                       "SCANDAL uniSex Saloon"

3. There is a garment shop for men in my hometown the board displays its name as

                                      "MENS Point"

4. I found this internet cafe. the activities carried by it are
                                     Hero scopes (instead of horoscope)
5. I stay in a PG. the area in which I stay has a lot of PGs around. their names are Balaji PG, Sai Balaji    PG,     Sri Balaji PG, Sri Sai PG. Cannot they find some other different name????????

6. Every walk-in at Bangalore is a nightmare for the HRs and a war for the freshers. At the end of the day some return victorious and the rest go back defeated & wounded.

 Just try to count the heads in the picture given below.

7.Why do they put coconut in every dish at Bangalore ??????? Even sometimes in chicken curry .

8. By the way, is everything fine??????????


ANJALI said...

der is also a banner in samw outer ring road of marathanhall mentioning it as banshankari done biryani

Chinmay BlackBird said...

thanks, that's what is silly point about