Saturday, August 27, 2011

Is it not the time to Wake up???

So yesterday in parliament PM said that he salutes Anna. And before that Congress had accused Anna of being corrupt from head to toe and that very congress had put him behind bars and later apologized for the same. It does not have stability. It cannot stand its words and values. And we have elected as Govt. How ludicrous …. And The PM of 130 crore population country tries to prove his innocence by addressing the parliament and saying that all the accusation against him of being corrupt is wrong, he has nothing to do with it. Look at our prime minister how innocent he looks. He was addressing the Parliament as if a standard 3 student standing in front of a teacher and saying that he has done nothing wrong. 

As the Anna fire heats all around it becomes unbearable for our clad-in-white-black-hearted pirates in power. Any way they need to slow down this movement against corruption. So they said that team Anna is pointing Gun to Parliament. Parliament is taken under hostage. Ridiculous. 

Till now no one was bothered about what ever happened in the Parliament house. But something that took outside Parliament caused so mush terror to the representative of people in the house. That was Anna-effect. This is the symbol of slavery that India has stored since 1919. People know what happens in parliament during the sessions. It is not a house that passes bills for the people of India, for this place where the representatives are chosen by people of India but they don’t do for people. After getting a seat there they think they are superior beings and nothing else matters except their personal achievement. They fight like uneducated uncivilized persons. And they pass the rules and regulations. Such a shame…… . The parliament is not parliament but a house of  rags.

To pass an anti corruption bill there is so much of tension, hesitations. Meetings are called for this that. For what???? They want an existence. It will be endangered if the Jan-lokpal bill is passed. And why the hell they are called the representatives of people ??????????????? They don’t care for what people demand. These representatives never thought of the country-men that elected him, never bothered about the country. They don’t give a shit about what happens to people and country. They see the citizen and country as a business material from which they can get benefit. This is how our country is run for years, since the day if independence. 

Country, motherland and citizen are not for business, keep it in mind. People fought for ground, people fought for India to get rid of the people who came as businessman and ruled. The people needed the country then. Now the situation is different. We are at such a circumstance that the country needs the people and that’s why people will fight again.
It is time to wake up from sleep. We can No longer entertain the traitors that rule this country. Yes RULE THIS COUNTRY. Rule because after coming to power they forget that they have to do for the country, they pledged to serve the country. Once they occupy the seat everything vanishes. They think themselves the ruler. Earlier there were leaders and now there are very less leaders and more politicians. 

It feels that we became independent but we have not yet gained the freedom. Why would we say India is a democratic country?  A few hundred MLAs and MPs think they pen the destiny of the country. There is no value of this more than 100 crore population. 

We have lost some thing that we should not have. Servants have become rulers. We see price rise, bomb blast, a lot of disasters a lot of scams that happens in front of us. And their salary hike. Poor remains poor. And country remains undeveloped. But we are unable to anything. Why is that? They make such rules that are applicable to the citizens only?  They don’t deserve to be in this country. There are no hospitals, schools, there is unemployment. Yet these ministers and the people, who belong to the political class, take 100s of crores to their account. How is that happening? India has so much of money yet people are poor. They fill their swiss bank accounts.

If things go like this one day the country will be sold and we will also be sold as slaves. Do you want that happen? You be a software engineer or get a well-paying job, but when the country will not be yours what is the use? The time has arrived, we must not sit, contribute to this movement how much you can. Even a squirrel carried sand on his small body to help lord Ram to help build the bridge to Lanka to fight Ravana. You are a human being. Let’s fight. The Govt will try to quell by any means and we must not stop. Time to rise. It is a revolution. 

It is 1st Indian revolution after freedom. It must happen.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Govt. for WHO ?????

The people are protesting and protesting. And the System that they have elected is not listening to them? Wow that is funny.  

The very simple question that rises is Why is this Govt. there and for what purpose and for who?

When I was in school I read in civics that the Govt is elected for five years and the period is different in different countries. Here we are talking about our very own country, India. The Govt acts as the ruler and works for the welfare, the development of the county. People chose the Govt through voting system because they hope that it should do for the interest of the people. The body that we call Govt. is the servant of the country and the people.

I think the line that we learn at school 'Govt for people by people' is a wrong phrase. Children are taught not right things.

The above lines were very simple as we learned as kid. But as we grow up we see a different form of Govt. Our perception changes. People elect the Govt. but after that they are fooled. The promises made by different political parties before election are forgotten. And now they, after coming to power they are busy in fulfilling their wishes and desires.

Is that what the motive of the Govt. ? For who the Govt exists ? A govt that does not approve the need of the people ? What kind of system is it? You say this democracy? India is the largest democratic country in the world. That is a big question. 

People now want a better country, a developed one. And that is not a fault, is that? What is the problem that this Govt cannot approve the Jan Lokpal Bill ? 

That points finger on the character of the Govt. Govt for people or Govt for self ?????????????????????????

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Blasts That Rocked Mumbai

I was returning from office on 13th, 7.45 pm. There was a man by my side busy on phone. He was talking to his girlfriend in Mumbai. He urged her to return to home soon and stay on line with him till she reached home. The reason, there were three blasts in Mumbai. Being in office from morning 9 to evening 7 I am totally blind and deaf to get the info about outside. I did not have the least idea about the news and was startled. Thought ‘How much more pain the city has to face?’ 

Blasts have rocked Mumbai again.  And Mumbai is familiar with such incidents so that might not have taken Mumbaikars by surprise. But still common life was hit by the heinous act by  some extremist group. 

This was not the first time such incident happened there. Yeah, I would say it incident. Incident because, they only occur again and again, accidents happen occasionally. Mumbai has nurtured a habit of such a dangerous kind.

Common public life was affected. The business capital of India why always encounters such things?

Why does the intelligence fails to collect information before this happened? Nothing is going to happen though I write that question in this blog.  But is not it a matter of national security? 

No doubt that people of Mumbai are very brave, the life will become normal like earlier. There is no such thing that can paralyze Mumbai life. The Janta of Mumbai is also bored by the incidents. Every such incident is a wound and always leaves an inerasable mark on its body. 

A Raj Thackeray blames immigrants. Instead of blaming he could have suggested a solution if he thinks himself a powerful leader. 

They love to play with guns and bombs. The time should come soon to teach them lesson. They must taste the bullet. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Brand 'Gandhi' business..


I do not really get a point to start, but I have to begin somewhere, as the things have initiated long back. When we say ‘Gandhi’ it points to one person and he is very well known to us, by name or by some other way, the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi.
Gandhi is not with us but few other existing Gandhis who we know by their specific first names and ‘Gandhi’ as suffix. 

So why Gandhi be a brand? Obviously a question in mind. 

The things are pretty simple. There have been several Gandhis as the prime minister of the country. They get a benefit from the Gandhi, who fought for the country.  People believed these Gandhis  because of that one Gandhi, they might do some favor to the country. But do you think they landed upon the expectation of people? Indira Gandhi was mad with her power and same mistake was repeated by her son. And everyone is aware of the consequence. Now politics is a family business for the Gandhis. 

I don’t accuse the Gandhi who fought for the freedom for all these; did he do it for a name or fame? Well I do not know that, what he did time brought him a great value and respect. But definitely I hate those who have taken the advantage of it.

Few days back I heard something about Rahul Gandhi, he has turned 40 or 41, and there was a celebration for this future of the congress party. Sonia Gandhi didn’t become prime minister. That was a political move I would say. But now it is time for Rahul to take the position after Manmohan Singh. And the stage was being prepared. How can the post 1948 Gandhis resist the lust of being the prime minister of India?
So there was this political drama by Rahul Gandhi in UP, which he is habituated of staging. He went to meet the farmers. 

According to the Hindu,
“….Huge posters of Rahul Gandhi dominated the complex..
Mr. Rahul on Friday wound up his foot march through the dusty heartlands of rural Uttar Pradesh and returned to Delhi. “

Wow. Indeed so touching. The innocent people will not understand say conspiracy.

When Gandhi was in Dandi march there were not huge posters of him all around.

Whenever the congress comes into power I don’t know why but the petroleum product prices and vegetable prices go up. That was in news 2 weeks ago. It had happened again and again. Gas cylinder price has increased to 400 or more from 275. In cities they buy it black, and it is even more.

Once the 6th pay commission was implemented and the prices suddenly touched a height.  What the man who is not under it will do? Consider the daily worker.
One Gandhi didn’t like to wear clothes that could go below his knee because people of the country are poor and they don’t get clothes to wear. Now there are such conditions created you can imagine on your own.

Gandhi never told build dams and this that in my name. But the existing Gandhis they are very eager to make themselves a brand. Indira Gandhi airport, rajiv Gandhi airport, Gandhi sagar dam…….

The situation of Rae Bareli, the election battle field of Sonia Gandhi, the people there are disappointed with their Lady Leader. She has only spent the 40% of develop

If Gandhi has become a brand because he is used by ‘Gandhi’s with prefixes, that is not his fault.

(I wrote something odd or something from here and there, that is not my fault. Driven by mind, affected by situation)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

...I hate news channels.....

Why I hate news channels???

The news channel from which I heard news 1st was DD1 and for half an hour in Hindi and another half an hour in English.  But now a days there are so many news channels like mushrooms grown here and there in rainy season. There is hell lot of difference between the new that is broadcasted in DD news and other news channels. 

Earlier I did not like to watch news but now I want to watch news to know about what is happening around but they are not worthy watching.

These channels have a sole commercial purpose than a social cause.

These days, what we find in news is really interesting. And that is what they want TRP.
When Aishwarya becomes that is a big issue. What will be her kid’s name, parenting tips from King Khan, this that hell and f***. Every day Indian mothers give birth to babies in the rural country areas, in the slums and most of them die at a very young age and no news channel gives a shit about it as it won’t give them TRP. 

Ambani’s flat makes a sensation in the media. Dhoni has a flat worth 6 crore Indian rupee, and Viru has one of 5 crores. Like this many more. But the real India that lives in a huts and slums. That straw tin or tile thatched houses that they won’t show.
A small issue they broadcast in such a way that hell broke somewhere. And they repeat the same thing for hours and hours making it a special report.  

One man will be sitting in the studio in a news channel and that same person continues for the whole day. Seems it has become a lucrative business to run a news channel though you have a few reporters.

They should be the watch tower or guard for the society. But the motto is missing. 

I don’t really find much difference between an AD company and a news channel. The only difference is the AD companies do it for products and the se channels do it for the people who are of high profile say politicians, cricketers and celebrities. You do not catch that? Here the process is exactly opposite. The problems, the plight f the people, putting forward the truth in front of the country which should be their prime focus instead.

To say it is a kind of terrorism. It is not what it seems. And people simply accept it. It is in some way our fault also. We want entertainment and more than any other channel these news channels can do it better. 

If you go on digging it will go deep. But I hate news channels though they are good entertainers.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Being Software Engineer

I left the office and got into the bus. At the next stop some guys 4 boys and a girl got into the bus. They were software engineers of a reputed company, their I-cards were hanging. The bus was half empty. There are front seats where above written 'ladies', indicating that they are meant for ladies. And they sat there. One of them said that those were ladies seat.  All of them got up and still they were in confusion that should they leave them or still be there. 

I was with my friend; we are also of same category, software engineers. I told him look, the problem of being a software engineer, they check all the variables and parameters before proceeding.  In software development analysis is most important part and they are doing that. 

Another day my friend was seated in bus, that seat was meant for senior citizen. I was behind him. One old man came and told him to leave the seat and he had to. How could he miss the parameter???? That caused him trouble and he had to stand all the way.
Software engineers go for lunch or dinner they will calculate the time complexity there. The food that they are going to order will arrive soon or not. 

Sitting for hours in the office in front of a system looking at the screen that contains only codes, when asleep if nightmare comes it contains codes only. 

Now when it comes to leisure or any free time, they talk about how they are proceeding in their respective project. This is happening in this program and that problem occurs there. 

Life goes in same way life software development life cycle. Analysis, designing= planning of life, coding = building a career or something like that, then testing = see whether you succeed in that career or not, else go for some other choice. Then life goes in maintenance.  

Saturday, April 30, 2011

BlackBird BlackView.......

  • Today there is happiness, tomorrow there will be sorrow. Today there is story the next moment there will be song. Now you are with friends, sometime later you may be alone. The journey that U r continuing today will come to an end someday.
  • Life is a flirt. In some way it attracts you and keeps you attached with it.
  • It's so sad that feelings play with heart. The variable feelings wander place 2 place but heart remains there only.
  • If you know there is no way out from something, just move a step further into it
  • Life is a state of violence.
  • Success will never let U stay in peace; failure will never let U keep quiet. hope drives us insane and despair makes us so heavy, we fell difficulty even to carry our own weight. LIFE, INDEED IS A TRAGIC COMEDY.
  • The sadness that has been sincere till today has become my only friend hat is adamant about not leaving me. I want to separate from it, but how can I leave this true friend ???
  • Life is Like wine, once get addicted u cannot leave it. once who takes birth lives till death.
  • It seems life has decided to put me in trouble always. But that is the beauty of life. Unless there was pain, we would not have experienced what pleasure is.
  • It was raining when I got out of the office and I walked to the bus stop. Getting drenched in rain has always been fun for me. Still there is a pleasure in getting wet in either way.
  • Today we are ESTRANGED and the reason is you. You are the one who shunned me. But remember if I can offer you a Rose, I am also capable of putting a bullet from Gun.
  • ...but now I feel I must kill those feelings and bury somewhere in myself only.
    • world is a wretched place
    • Do dreams have restriction?????? Sometimes.... they do have.
      • The sun does not sweat and clouds don't wet themselves
        Life is infected by life itself. Patience has
        become patient. Breathes go breathless. Alas! life is healthy in a sick

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Things that I cannot get back

Do you still make paper boats and put them in water when it rains???????? Do you play with toy cars now or make sand houses or dig tunnel in the heap of sand?????

Do you still fly kites? I miss them a lot. Once I used to. Or do you now argue with your dad to buy you chocolate and ice cream??????

Don’t you miss the girl now who you could not say something you wanted to ????

Life is a continuous process of losing so that we can gain something. This statement of mine has same as that of the proverb ‘To gain something you have to lose something’. Some might see it in a different way. There should be a blood group C- (c negative), for people like me. Unfortunately it is not there. 

Coming back to the topic, life, however, is not a profit or loss statement. Due course of time what we go on losing is time. The very first thing that I would like to talk about. For every second we miss we get to know a new time. Think if we hold this Monday then how we can get another Monday. I mean to say for the things we go on missing we come across new things. 

Life is simple, complicated and also interesting. Very much contradicting. In our life there are a lot of things that we can put to list of ‘things I cannot get back’. A lot of things, I said it wrong.  Till the very second you read this statement, you can add all to list.  I was a kid once. Can you be a kid once more? At times you can act only like that but going back is not possible. There is no going back in life. Life is a time machine that can take you forward only. As I missed my childhood, from a teenager I became an adult. Today I am 23 and once I was 12. I cannot be again a boy of 13 or 15. That stage of my life is gone and I have come through it. Now I can only recall what I used to do during those days. If you compare life with a staircase, for each step you rise up, you can look back but you cannot go to the previous step, it gets broken.

I used to go to primary school, then to high school. I completed my schooling to get into a college.  The next step was engineering college. You see, all these things I have or you have done, have got a different beauty. It is inappropriate to say that I have not enjoyed those days. We all enjoy but someone takes more pleasure and someone less.  So whoever you be reading this article of mine, try to take maximum from life or get more from life. Hope you understand me. You must enjoy to the fullest of the moment you live. Because you see you cannot get them back again. Later you will be thinking I wish I would have done this done that. Why regret if you have not done something? You must have been through something that others have not.

Once you enter professional level, I tell you, you will crave for those days. I had a lot of friends in college; we used to play counter strike for hours and hours. Used to watch movie together. College life was real fun.  Today I miss them.  I graduated in 2010 and now I am a professional. What I can do is go through the moments captured by camera or my diary where I cascaded my days.  When you do it there is also joy.

I am staying in Bangalore, I miss my parents. Yesterday morning when I got up I remembered mom, two drops of tears came out of my eye. In college whenever we got holiday like Dushera, or winter vacation or summer vacation, there was delight an excitement that we are going home. Today I want to go home, I can but I have less holidays. 

Till now this much, later perhaps I can share more experience. Hope you don’t get bored, there are still a lot of things left and you can think about what you are missing.