Saturday, December 18, 2010

A few points to ponder-2

  •    Wiki Leaks revealed many hidden facts that were kept away from the people. The secrets now no more secrets, which has caused political storms world wide and with in the nation. The foreign policy of USA is very suspicious.  Wikileaks founder says he is going to exhume many more such things.
           One thing to think “CAN WIKI LEAKS CAUSE WORLD WAR-III????????????’

  •          Devils in Delhi. Women life at night in Danger. Delhi- the sin city. So many women raped in the capital city that raises a question about the security of woman. Women are raped by those who they give birth.
          Will women in India stop giving birth to male child??? (Silly point)

  • Most of our politicians wear white clothes. Have you ever found any political leader from outer India clad in all white? 
        Why do Indian political Leaders wear white?

  • Wikileaks leaked Rahul Gandhi’s opinion about Hindu extremist and the other type of extremist. The internal extremists are biggest threat to India, he said. Any way in India life returns back to normalcy whether that is 26/11 attack or Mumbai bomb blast.  But these politicians keep those things awake and stir it again and again.
         Rather than the extremist groups such POLITICIANS are greatest threat to our      country.

  •    Gandhi, father of our nation. We made him father of our nation because his contribution in Freedom fight was more or may be he inspired Indians very much.
           But do our politicians learn any thing from Gandhi?