Monday, August 30, 2010

A letter to Rahul Gandhi

Mr. Political weapon of Congress,
The print media and the electronics media, few days back, pitched you high quoting that you are a very generous man, that you are very cautious about the people.
Can you be honest? Why did you visit the tribal people on Niyamgiri, Orissa?
I know that you are well aware of the fact. But the people should know that it was just a part of political drama. Your heart cries for the people. No one has ever noticed you sobbing. The poor sympathy seeking people, you can make them fool. Really so easy game for you. Mr. crown prince of Congress, environment pollution bothers you so much? One Vedanta Company can cause so much pollution, not tantamount to as you people can. The terrible and most disastrous ever pollutants that the science will ever fail to discover are the politicians like you. There is no doubt that you will get the benefit of vote from those poor people in the next election. You talked to the tribal people, so generous of you, you care for them, the environment they live in.
One unhappy CM of Orissa tastes politics at centre. Now if the govt. at Delhi and the state are different then such kind of situation is inevitable.  Though we don’t want to believe it you politicians always prove it.
Mr. Rahul Gandhi, where were you when 100s of CRPF jawans were slaughtered by Maoists in Dantewada? Did you meet their families? Did your handkerchief get wet wiping your tears that you spent for them? No you cannot, because there is no benefit. People of Malkanigiri and Koraput, where Maoists have become a threat to their lives did you visit the place? At least once in your life time, if you have got guts go there and survey the situations.
Kashmir? Did you forget it? Your friend Omar is the CM there. You know violence has burst in the valley? Your party has a coalition with NC. Perhaps I missed the news that you visited the stone hurling people and talked to them. You explained them not to do that. Did you try to know from them what they want? Why there is violence? Like you did going to the people of Langigarh, Niyamgiri.
Or you were afraid that the stones will bury you there itself and the dream of becoming the PM of India will be buried with that?
One advice to you, go to a good doctor and check whether your heart beats or not. Or you don’t know that it is functioning correctly or not and for that you go to one place and forget the other.
That’s all for now.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

After price hike, MPs cry Salary Hike

Members of Parliament, people elected them for some purpose and they are busy doing the other. People expected them to work for the benefit of the countrymen, now they must realize their votes were a total waste.  How much favor the countrymen get from these clad in white black inside people, they only know.
They could not do much better to stop the price hike. Now who had to suffer? It is the people of the country. The reports state the percentage of people below the poverty line. The economy of most of the people is just average and there comes the price hike. One or two days you call for ‘Bharat Bandh’ in protest. What is the outcome? Bharat Bandh successful but causing a complete fiasco to what actually was demanded. The coolie in the railway station or bus stop would have earned a few hundred bucks; the rickshaw puller would have got some money from his labor. But he could not. The life of common man was paralyzed due to some of these MPs (mentally paralyzed).
Now perhaps a situation came that they could not escape price hike. After the restaurant bill, telephone bill and electricity bill, they demanded a bill which will pay them. They bring bills for people that are turned into rule, so they thought why they cannot do something for themselves. (Till now all they had been doing were for them only and that was less for them. So they arrived at this decision.)
The arguments were to increase the salary of MPs. Why do you people need salary? What you get is that not enough? And for what you people need more salary?
To clean your white clothes that became dirty because of your black inside. Or the amount of things you devoured was very less to give you energy to do more like what you have done before. Or you need to buy more food to shout aloud. Or you are sick of word war inside the house and now you gonna start arms fighting. Or you need to put cushion on the chair because there is pain in your ass sitting on the hard wooden surface.
‘Our salaries should be 80001 bucks, one rupee more than that of the secretary of government.’ One of the Congress MPs put this suggestion which is absolutely ludicrous.  For 1 rupee our MPs are ready to fight. Then you can conceive up to what extent they can go for the country. At last it settled at 50000/- just a little more than thrice of what they get now. The secretary of govt works and he deserves. But these MPs, do you think they really deserve? For shouting at each other, quarrelling and being unable to yield a favorable result. They are so eager to make rules that empower them or support them, then what is the reason people elect them? Do they realize their responsibility?  Most of the time the house remains dead due to their in-house-riots.
No, no. they are also citizen of India. They also have families to feed. And due to price hike it has become very difficult for them to run their family. So increase their salary by three times showing this allowance and that allowance.
The daily labor after toiling for 8 hours a day gets only 100/- which was 60/- earlier and he does not have a family to take care of? Pradhan mantri rojgar yojana says each people gets at least 100 days of work in a year of 365 days and that sums a total of 10000/- in a year which is one fifth of what an MP will get now in a month. And this expenditure because of the MPs totals about 105 crore a year. Cheers to the MPs.

So they were robbing the country in many forms earlier and yet they have not failed to invent new path.
Mr. MP you consume so much, if you get free time think of the common men who have voted for you.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Prime-monster Man-mayhem Sing

‘Hello, Mr. Prime minister.’
‘Who is the prime minister?’ he yelled, the man with turban on his head. He resembled Manmohan Singh, each cell by cell, hair by hair.
‘Sir, yourself sir, Mr. Manmohan Singh.’
Infuriated and he threw his red eyes towards the fellow who had just spoken.
‘Sorry sir, but did I do anything wrong?’
‘Of course, you have,’ he calmed down. Then said, ‘I hate my name. Quite for a long time.’
‘But sir, you have got a very good name.’
‘That’s the problem, the big problem. You see my face? How innocent I look! Don’t I? He looked at the fellow. ‘A turban on my head, these specs, the bunch of beard and my voice. I regret. I am so easy to be looked at? No, no more I am that innocent. Even I have decided to change my name. I will nomenclature myself with a name that suits me best.’
‘And what name you have chosen, sir?’
‘You are the 1st person who is listening to me very carefully and taking interest. I will tell you. What do you say about this name? Prime-monster Man-mayhem Sing.
‘Such a horrible name?’
‘That’s what I want. I am disastrous.  Aren’t I? You see, what I have been doing all these years. I, truly have the justification to bear that name.’
‘What are you saying sir?’
‘Let me explain. I got this post from the blessings of a Magdalena and see, because of her favor I am the 3rd longest monitoring (serving) monster.
I was provided with a bunch of monsters who work under me and as I am the head of the herd, I am the Prime-monster. We rule the country of 120 crore of people, 2nd largest population on this planet. You can gauge how monstrously we have to act to keep them under our anarchy monarchy of monstrosity.
On the Independence Day I had gone so wild that while addressing the population I had to refer some written papers even to say the first line that our country became independent on so and so date. This time in the half an hour speech, I gave the countrymen the details of what our ministry of monsters have done for the nation. You know I cannot remember what the little things we do in this big country.
Do you think I have a brain? The truth is I don’t have. That’s why I hide my head under the turban so that people cannot see it.  And I don’t even need it. I have mentioned there is a Magdalena behind me. Without her nod of appreciation nothing happens. I sing what she whispers in my ear.
We are not hanging that Ajmal Kasab and instead we are spending millions of Indian currency for his treatment. We have made him the most celebrated prisoner of India. What to know why? Tell me how can a monster kill another monster? If so then who will kill man? Have you ever seen us wasting this bulk amount of revenue on an Indian citizen?
We are glorified by our heinous acts like price rise that in the country like India where a big percentage of people are poor. We are not much affected by it but the people. Let them suffer; we don’t really have to bother about that. They will shout till there is a sore in the throat and then shut up. The common man is affected by it a lot, I heard. It entered in my right ear and went away through the left ear.
Few days back the Honorable Supreme Court suggested distributing the food grain among the poor for free instead of getting rotten. Supreme Court is one of the generous and powerful personalities. My heart melted and I called Sarad Pawar.
I told him, ‘For last 3 to 4 days the media is tossing the issue of rotten food grain and showing the videos regarding it. They are spoiled due to rain and it shows our irresponsibility. Did not you watch the news or TV at your home is screwed?  You wear specs, the power must have changed and you could not see. Why don’t you change the lenses?’
 ‘Don’t worry, sir. I have handled the situation. I have told in the media that nothing such has occurred. And you see my cleverness I have dismissed a few officers in this case. It is just a matter of few hundred crores of tons of food grains.’ Pawar said casually. He knows neither he nor I are going to be hungry in future. The poor people of India will face it.
I had to take the pain of visiting Kashmir and I addressed people there. But the speech was not effective. And none of my monsters have least idea about why that is happening. They are hurling stones and wow they have become monstrous. But the fact is that I don’t want any monsters that are danger to me. The CRPF fired students died, people died. I had offered them jobs as bribe as an economist I could only do that. The answers to the stones were bullets. The Magdalena had not told me what to do in this case.
Luckily the Kashmiris don’t fight with ak47 like the Maoists otherwise what would have happened is beyond imagination. Some part of Kashmir is drowned and some other part is getting buried in stone. Huh…
In Dantewada the Maoist massacre has created a sensation but we can’t do anything in the case. Chidambaram sent the CRPF to be slaughtered by them so that they can keep quite for a few days. I hope they are happy after drinking blood. If needed then we are ready to send more of them for annihilation to satisfy the. The good thing for us is that the CRPFs don’t go under a strike that they will not work.
They are monsters, we are monsters. You see they don’t kill us, we don’t kill them. Let it go on.
Have you found any minister monster dead in a train accident; it is the people who die.
This Kalmadi calamity, I have formed a group of secretaries to look into the matter. He ate a lot of money. Common wealth money. As that is common wealth he has the right to make some amount his personal. It is just a matter of few thousand crores of rupees and we must claim our share. How can he single handedly eat all of them, some of us must have helped him. We devour the money all that comes from the countrymen. And India is ready to host Olympic Games, it was already announced. If it happens then we get a lot more to put in our stomach.
Long live monsters and long live the monstrosity and long live my dynasty.
I am Prime-monster Man-mayhem Sing. ‘

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I miss Those COUNTER STRIKE nights

3:16, a CS player later as BlackBird

This article is dedicated to my friends of JITM those who played COUNTER STRIKE passionately, those who watched the game and to them who enjoyed it.

The name of the game counter strike was just limited to the number of fingers of a hand plus one persons when it begun. Only these people played counterstrike (CS) in the hostel. The game started after Hostel 2 was provided with LAN.  The game, at first, was not popular among the hoteliers.  But later on, gradually it started infecting the young minds such deeply that they welcomed the once stranger game with great enthusiasm. It spread like a contagious disease. Then formed the teams, counterstrike teams each consisting of five skillful and cooperative members, who were ready to fire and be fired at any moment.
As I was one of those 6 persons who pioneered CS in our college we formed teams splitting among them. The name of our team was Wild Hunters and the other team was Destronica.  There were more teams built to have fights among themselves. Everyday there were many counterstrike servers that allowed the desperados to shoot the opponent. Terrorists and counter terrorists and the strategic map, the various types of guns, pistols and ammunitions are the beauty of the game.
In every room of the hostel there were the gamers. Every day the teams played match. And before the match the strategy for each map was prepared. Five players sitting together in front of a system discussing what to do if any possible condition is encountered which we did not like to do for our studies. Five member of a team has to work as one body. That was the emotion of the game. A small mistake by a single member was a lot more vulnerable to the whole team; it could even cause a defeat.
It was just more than a game to us. We were devoted to the game; we sacrificed our time, sleep, food, more of studies for it. We christened ourselves with new names which made us distinguished us and they were our counterstrike names, which were very popular among us.  Everyday we played it for more than 8 hours and this is how we played. The PC or lapy in front of us, the eyes fixed to the monitor, one hand on the key board and the other riding the mouse and the fingers continuously hitting the keys for they were the controls for the game and the index finger clicking the mouse to fire the bullets from the gun of the game like we were pressing the trigger of a real rifle. Both the mental and physical emotion was attached to the game. After the match gets over yet it does not finish, there goes a heavy argument over how better we could have and would have played.  
At times we played the game for the whole night; we had become nocturnal by then. And there were these excited people who watched the game with a great curiosity.  Some times we picked up real fights among ourselves due to the game. It happened many times but still we enjoyed the game unlike we have enjoyed anything else.  I still remember those nights we fought with friends till we bled in the map of the strategic game.
Now days when I got to bed when clock ticks towards 12 am, I think it was never a time for me to go to bed; I used to play Counter Strike at this time. That hostel life with counter strike has now become a block just down the memory lane. I miss those strikers who quarreled at night and in the morning they were friends.
A few counter strike terrorists and counter terrorists I will remember forever
Bikash giri(James), Jones, Raka, Sthita, Sumeet, Akash, Manas, Kuna, Pragyan, Munna Bhai, Gajapati (majnu bhai), Bibhu, Tapan, Gokul, Jeje, Titanium, Devi anna, Punnya, Sandeep, Bibek, Kash, Bubu, Mickey, Arun(v), Pradeep Rolly, Sandy, Johney, Vishu, Adi, Rajan, Sovan, Padia Bhai, Anshu Bhai, Sid Bhai, Hrushi Bhai, Jyotish Bhai, Jhon Bhai, Ashis Rajput and of course the great admirer of CS Bankim Bhai .

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Engineering karlo bada scope hai

A few days back I was going through the news paper and read there is a lot of vacancy for engineering students and the figure was 20000. Reading the line do you think it was about jobs? Yes, if you are thing that then u r abso100%lutely wrong. The number and vacancy is true but it is for the seats that are to be filled after the unsuccessful completion of 1st round counseling of OJEE.  Only 17000 students have joined the around 90 technical schools present all around the state of Odisha.  There is a possibility of multiple rounds of counseling like last year.
Engineer and engineering, these two words echoed in my ear 5 five years back. I wanted to be an engineer. Most of my friends were going in the same line. And there were only 44 colleges at the time I joined engineering. And with in 4 years they produced an equal number of colleges, such a great growth rate, wow, not really fascinating.
Why so many engineering colleges?
Of course 4 years back there was a great demand of engineering and it continued for 2 more years and the business man realized that it is really a very lucrative business. So they built the colleges.  And how the AICTE approved so many of them? It is a matter of total business, they pay to get paid. Now what to do if these money minded business men want to earn than those people also have the right to earn.  
And the biggest problem is engineering except IIT and NIT seems like a joke. Every science stream student is heading towards it. If that fellow is heaving any percentage of mark in the 12th exam that does not bother him. Because the standard of education in India has increased in such a way, for science stream student it seems engineering is the minimum qualification. Of course it is good for India.
Engineering college is fun
The class rooms are fun
The engineering college girls and friends are fun.
But after engineering struggling for a job for a long time is not fun.
I was talking about the scope of engineering. Am I deviating? No I have already mentioned 2 big scopes above.
So engineering, quite a heavy word, you get a bulk amount of money when you get a (good) job.
From one state there are so many engineers graduate every year, then due to the varying number of colleges in other states of India produces more in numbers totaling around 15 x105 to 18x105.  they look for engineering job, there occurs the drought in the field of employment. Because according to study only 25% of them are really eligible for industry.
What to do when committed a mistake? You think about that. But it gives the other people a huge benefit. Perhaps the economists should try to add a new term in the category of unemployment. I don’t bother about the types of unemployment but thanks to Engineering unemployed graduated they can add another term in economics, Engineering Unemployment.
You see how beneficial it is when you do engineering? That’s why it is said engineering karlo bada scope hai. The scope is such enormous that you look for a job with a telescope then also you will have to struggle for finding some space for you.
Think it well before you jump in the well of engineering. Choose a good career; engineering is not the final one.
(Don’t feel bad if you have just completed engineering and looking for a job or if you are pursuing engineering. It was my perception.)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Indpendence Day Spirituality

Few days before 15th August
The students of various school and colleges start practicing for the marching on Independence Day in the parade to show respect to our national flag. This activity is absent through out the year except once more, before the republic day.
In the shops the Triranga appears to be sold in from small to big sizes.
14th August
Today in the evening the weather was dry. I got a chance for my road roaming what I usually do when I am at home. 6 kms of walk along the main road of the town. There was a different air in the atmosphere. As usual people walked and vehicles wheeled. As I got neared to the gym, that is by the road side the boundary walls  of it were painted in our national flag manner and in big it was written ‘INDEPENDENCE DAY’. There were around ten fellows busy in the work. These fellows building their body in the gym were building the pre-preparation for celebration of Independence Day. The police jeep was patrolling because this area comes under the Naxalite belt and in my district also there has been a lot of violence by these Indian-non-Indians.
Then I turned towards MG road. A statue of father of our nation is there in the junction it is not a full statue of Mahatma Gandhi but the portions that you find in your passport size photo that is the upper part. The place was decorated with colored papers of several designs. Unfortunately on the other days anyone seldom spends a glance on the statue. Most of the schools have also done it today. Tomorrow a big day for all Indians. Our Tri-colored flag will be flying high.
15th August
In the morning I woke up, the eyes still not opened and I could hear …Bharat desh hai mera..’. India was waiting for this day to celebrate the 64th independence day, a glorious day that reminds us the sacrifices of great lives for the freedom of our country. A day that hardly reminds us of our responsibilities to the country, and we realize that today is a holiday, sad but true.
So the little children the true Indian citizens holding the national flag in their hands and waving it, they only know what patriotism is because they are yet to see the world. In my town after the flag hoisting in their respective schools and colleges and organizations, Indians headed towards the stadium, where the Important Personality had to do the flag hoisting. Then the national anthem.This is one of the two occasions when the whole town stands together at a place.
The morning time is very special today. Every where only patriotic songs are being played. Meri desh ki dharti sona ugle…., apni azadiko hum hargiz mita sakte nahi, a mere pyare batan.   the most beloved song Vande mataram. The songs make us feel glorious; they burn a fire of patriotism in us. And I think if these songs were played everyday then perhaps it can bring changes in the mind. But they are played only for a day or 2 days in a year No matter, though the heart is inclined towards the country for one day. This one day patriotism means a lot. Indians feel proud to be an Indian on this day unlike any other day.  If there are little kids at home then only there is a chance of seeing the National flag at home else I hardly find it at most of the Indian houses (there is one on my table).  15th August turns everyone of the country a true Indian. The TV channels put a flag neat the logo of their channel and the movie channels show patriotic movies, in news there is how the day is celebrated.
16th August
Today there is no inspirational songs are heard. Everything becomes as it is on other days. The one day patriotism, if it could become a 10 minutes a day devotion to the country……
Otherwise the nation waits till 26th January and then the next 15th August.  
Ab tumhare hawale batan sathiyon...

Friday, August 13, 2010


    Pursuing a dream I am
    A distant goal
    With a long way to walk

    Yet rising again
    Broken knees and broken legs
    Still I run

    No more it is
    The closer I draw
    Blown away like a straw

    I have chasing
    As weak and diseased
    For fortitude I lost

    Once wide open
    Audacious to see
    Now damn shut

    Still remains between
    Me and my dream
    Both now standing still

    I say go away
    But it calls me again
    Come, here I am

    It has made me
    Time and again
    Hopeful, wild and insane

    You dreams are
    Like sand looks water
    From a distance so far

    It recited
        You will be
If you achieve me

    I became again
    To do something
    My forehead frown

    This is abominable
    Of fate and of life
    Fluctuating and variable

    In the chase
    I am brave enough
    If loss to choose

    Unhappy and sad
    Dream is gone
    I am on earth bed

    I give myself
    Don’t dream, live
    For you have to survive.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chetan Bhagat’s next?

Take this sequence of numbers
5, 1, 3, 2, ?
What will be the next number? Let me give you the clue, ‘Chetan Bhagat’

Let’s consider the points
1. Chetan Bhagat , an IIT graduate
2. Chetan Bhagat, an MBA
3. His books are the best sellers in
Indian history of literature
4. He worked as an investment banker
5. Does he love numbers?

As I have bought and read all the novels of Bhagat I have an element share to make his books a best seller. You might also be one. One of the reasons why his novels are best seller is, his works are the Bollywood Movie of Indian English literature. I hope he must be working on his fifth novel. Does any one have idea what will be the title? You can guess, though it does not need to be accurate.

Well, I was thinking of the same thing last night. Then I studied the titles of his novels

Five point someone, one night @ the call center,, the 3 mistakes of my life, 2 states

Now I am sure u have something in mind about the numbers described at the top. These are the numbers I defined as Chetan’s numbers.

So the 5th title?????
He has a deficiency about numbers which makes him very efficient. All the numbers from 1 to 5 are hired for his titles but 4. Do you have the same thing in mind what I have?

Perhaps he is working on the fifth fiction which might have the number ‘4’ and a few words for the name of his next literary work. Let me wait till it arrives in the book stores.