Monday, November 29, 2010

Silly Point

Well, are we talking about cricket here? I have played cricket for many years and there is a position in the field called silly point, and there are silly points in the field of life also.

1.        Parliament:

The legally approved place where you can scold each other, fight and beat.  But to enter into the Parliament you have to earn a qualification.

2.      Democracy

Such a ruling where one criminal has a right to defend himself and though we know the truth no court can do anything about it.

3.      As I was waiting at the bus stop a bus arrived, on its body written “KING OF ALL QUEENS’

4.      One of my friends got job in a reputed software company and today he offered 100 coconuts in a particular temple. Wow, god also accepts bribe. It’s no wonder. When man can offer and accept bribe, why God should stay behind, after all he is the creation of human in a manner.

5.       Now think about it, when I have already threw the point that God is a creation of man. “Man created God or God created Man’’. Now as a disciple of science I have no clue that God created man. God is just a belief, that human imagination keeps him away from evil.

Think of the equation: human nature – God =Evil

But according to mythology and all other religious belief god created us.

6.      Branded Water:

I was in my friend’s room, I have been dwelling in Bangalore for last three months and here we get packaged water. And they have different labels on them. Branded. Now what I discovered, the label read   ‘Aquapenna’. (written in the Karnataka accent) I of course have drunk Aquafina and today I had to drink Aquapenna.
 7. Before writing this article I took  note of few points on the other side of the local bus ticket.

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