Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Raja, PM and Praja

It has provided enough spice for the media, it has rocked the parliament. It is in Black & white, in color as well.
Some need an issue, some need the money & TRP and the rest are those who watch and clap as the show goes on.
And there is the Poor Supreme Court who keeps on hammering ORDER ORDER, alas! Nothing much happens.
The issue is A Raja Looted the nation. He is not the king literally. Though we know Raja= King.  Here it is not the king; he was the ex- minister for communication & IT. A scam of just 1.76 lakh crore Indian bucks.  There are more figures in crores if you go through the pages of newspaper. This is what the CAG says. At last coming under pressure the minister resigned. This was so simple, is not it?

The bizarre thing is we have an Economist Prime Minister.

The people of the country work hard to earn few bucks a day. There is unemployment. And even I have friends who are willing to bribe if it is necessary to get a job. And there are these People who single handedly engulf huge amount of money.
People I mean the Praja tries to earn money, as a fresher I am trying to get a job that will pay me a few lakh bucks. But there are these demoralized people who shame the people and the nation.
Think why would such a nation develop???????????????
The people who the citizens elect as their representative so that they can represent them in the parliament, they can do the service to the country, that the people get the benefit. Now if they are trying to get the benefit from us then what would you say that? A big heavy slap to the people and democracy.

Did you observe the irony? They just escape throwing the resignation paper. Simply simple. This happened in Adarsh society scam, the CM and Deputy CM of Maharashtra resigned. Kalmadi resigned.
What about the legal action against then???????  Yeah it is Indian judiciary system. Even far too late than Indian trains.
It fells bad, an indescribable mental agony.
What I feel like is stone those bloody son of  ****  to death and that should be broadcasted live and the whole population of India should watch that.
Now what to do??  Corruption has spread all over. Till there are these blood sucking bugs are there India can never develop.  Corruption in India is more than any other disease.


Harish said...

for this case atleast, a capital punishment verdict has to be given. got to send a serious message.:-)

Chinmay BlackBird said...

this case is more serious my friend,

he theft the money of the nation, the punishment must make an example in Indian History