Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A few points to ponder

There used to be a section Points to ponder in Readers Digest. These are a few bizarre questions I am going to put in front of you.

1. India is one of the democratic countries of the world. It was announced so after the independence. Now it is the reality that perturbs me. The Govt is elected through polling by the people. After that, what happens you cannot deny that you are unaware of it. Our country is really a democratic one?????

2. As a teenager, they have their dreams and goals to pursue. ‘What I want to be?’ they don’t question themselves at that point of time. Engineers, Docs, CAs, IAS, IPS bla bla…. They just blindly run behind what they have been hearing from their childhood. Now seeing a lot of tragedy it is not the teenagers but the parents worry about the big quiz. ‘What is the best career choice?’

3. Saina Nehwal was looking forward to win the Asiad 2010 Badminton gold. And she is still looking forward to win it, because she could not make it this time. She got an endorsement of 1 crore for Ads, that is good for the company, because she has become a youth icon. She gave a statement that it was not going to affect her game. How many of you think she can win a gold medal in Asiad?

4. We cannot ignore the role of politicians in the development of our country. But all over the news we read about scams, not small but huge sum of money involved of which they are an inevitable part. Obnoxious but we have to accept the truth. Will they ever push themselves for the prosperity of the country rather than self-development??????

5. Yesterday we had planned to cook chilly-chicken, for that we needed a lot of onion. And cutting onion causes tear. So one of my friends suggested put two green chilly behind your ears and cut the onion. Luckily no tear from eyes and he chopped 9 big onions. How did it happen???? you don't believe it. then you should try.

6. Last of all for this post why should you be thinking all these?????

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