Friday, November 5, 2010

Diwali of 2010

Another Diwali, the festival of lights. Children exited, youngsters delighted. I remember the last Diwali, I was in the hostel, in the college, and it was my final year of engineering. There was a campus drive, in which I got selected for that small company and I did not join as it was not reliable. Now I am writing this article in Bangalore where I am on a purpose. To get a job. I have been hearing the crackers bursting for last two days. The last Diwali I celebrated was the last in the college and it is really memorable for various reasons.  With friends of the hostel burning crackers in a mass and launching rockets to the Ladies Hostel and there is a boisterous cheer from girls. I miss my friends and those moments because now I cannot get all my friends, it was the hostel that bound us together and those moments as that time are gone.
This Diwali, there are not many friends with me now, just a few of them. Time has dragged us apart. Caged within the four walls with two windows through which noises can intrude, but poor sweet memories cannot escape. Alas!
Yesterday I was there to have my gift for this Diwali and I was unable to snatch it. I had to return back to room empty handed. I was not among the lucky 120 from the mass of 400 students; we were all there for a walk-in.
In the evening I will be hearing the crackers bursting. There will be light all around and people in a joyous mood. I wish everyone a happy Diwali and may your life be brightened.
However at the moment, this Diwali is a bit darker for me. Raat ko phthake phatenge, idhar apni phategi. And that to get a desired job. It’s all right. After dark there is light, but for that I have to fight. Hope the next Diwali will be a brighter one. As a fresher I am  wrestling with the situation to get a job.
The wick of the lamp burns, that’s why it can provide us light. I also have to burn.

Anyway, wishing you a very happy Diwali, my friends.


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