Monday, November 29, 2010

Silly Point

Well, are we talking about cricket here? I have played cricket for many years and there is a position in the field called silly point, and there are silly points in the field of life also.

1.        Parliament:

The legally approved place where you can scold each other, fight and beat.  But to enter into the Parliament you have to earn a qualification.

2.      Democracy

Such a ruling where one criminal has a right to defend himself and though we know the truth no court can do anything about it.

3.      As I was waiting at the bus stop a bus arrived, on its body written “KING OF ALL QUEENS’

4.      One of my friends got job in a reputed software company and today he offered 100 coconuts in a particular temple. Wow, god also accepts bribe. It’s no wonder. When man can offer and accept bribe, why God should stay behind, after all he is the creation of human in a manner.

5.       Now think about it, when I have already threw the point that God is a creation of man. “Man created God or God created Man’’. Now as a disciple of science I have no clue that God created man. God is just a belief, that human imagination keeps him away from evil.

Think of the equation: human nature – God =Evil

But according to mythology and all other religious belief god created us.

6.      Branded Water:

I was in my friend’s room, I have been dwelling in Bangalore for last three months and here we get packaged water. And they have different labels on them. Branded. Now what I discovered, the label read   ‘Aquapenna’. (written in the Karnataka accent) I of course have drunk Aquafina and today I had to drink Aquapenna.
 7. Before writing this article I took  note of few points on the other side of the local bus ticket.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A few points to ponder

There used to be a section Points to ponder in Readers Digest. These are a few bizarre questions I am going to put in front of you.

1. India is one of the democratic countries of the world. It was announced so after the independence. Now it is the reality that perturbs me. The Govt is elected through polling by the people. After that, what happens you cannot deny that you are unaware of it. Our country is really a democratic one?????

2. As a teenager, they have their dreams and goals to pursue. ‘What I want to be?’ they don’t question themselves at that point of time. Engineers, Docs, CAs, IAS, IPS bla bla…. They just blindly run behind what they have been hearing from their childhood. Now seeing a lot of tragedy it is not the teenagers but the parents worry about the big quiz. ‘What is the best career choice?’

3. Saina Nehwal was looking forward to win the Asiad 2010 Badminton gold. And she is still looking forward to win it, because she could not make it this time. She got an endorsement of 1 crore for Ads, that is good for the company, because she has become a youth icon. She gave a statement that it was not going to affect her game. How many of you think she can win a gold medal in Asiad?

4. We cannot ignore the role of politicians in the development of our country. But all over the news we read about scams, not small but huge sum of money involved of which they are an inevitable part. Obnoxious but we have to accept the truth. Will they ever push themselves for the prosperity of the country rather than self-development??????

5. Yesterday we had planned to cook chilly-chicken, for that we needed a lot of onion. And cutting onion causes tear. So one of my friends suggested put two green chilly behind your ears and cut the onion. Luckily no tear from eyes and he chopped 9 big onions. How did it happen???? you don't believe it. then you should try.

6. Last of all for this post why should you be thinking all these?????

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Raja, PM and Praja

It has provided enough spice for the media, it has rocked the parliament. It is in Black & white, in color as well.
Some need an issue, some need the money & TRP and the rest are those who watch and clap as the show goes on.
And there is the Poor Supreme Court who keeps on hammering ORDER ORDER, alas! Nothing much happens.
The issue is A Raja Looted the nation. He is not the king literally. Though we know Raja= King.  Here it is not the king; he was the ex- minister for communication & IT. A scam of just 1.76 lakh crore Indian bucks.  There are more figures in crores if you go through the pages of newspaper. This is what the CAG says. At last coming under pressure the minister resigned. This was so simple, is not it?

The bizarre thing is we have an Economist Prime Minister.

The people of the country work hard to earn few bucks a day. There is unemployment. And even I have friends who are willing to bribe if it is necessary to get a job. And there are these People who single handedly engulf huge amount of money.
People I mean the Praja tries to earn money, as a fresher I am trying to get a job that will pay me a few lakh bucks. But there are these demoralized people who shame the people and the nation.
Think why would such a nation develop???????????????
The people who the citizens elect as their representative so that they can represent them in the parliament, they can do the service to the country, that the people get the benefit. Now if they are trying to get the benefit from us then what would you say that? A big heavy slap to the people and democracy.

Did you observe the irony? They just escape throwing the resignation paper. Simply simple. This happened in Adarsh society scam, the CM and Deputy CM of Maharashtra resigned. Kalmadi resigned.
What about the legal action against then???????  Yeah it is Indian judiciary system. Even far too late than Indian trains.
It fells bad, an indescribable mental agony.
What I feel like is stone those bloody son of  ****  to death and that should be broadcasted live and the whole population of India should watch that.
Now what to do??  Corruption has spread all over. Till there are these blood sucking bugs are there India can never develop.  Corruption in India is more than any other disease.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tension with Fun in TCS walk-in

(This is not the exact picture but it can give you a picture because the situation was same as above)
The program was scheduled at 8.00 am in the morning. And the distance of the venue from the place of reference Banshankri was about 15 to 20 kms. I woke up at 5 in the morning as the alarm rang specifying with a bitter noise that it was time for get going.  Cold vile weather and a downpour had made the morning more badly and I had to take bath. I had the cold water in my mind and started shivering. Yet I had to do it.
So the regular works were over and it was time for war. War because I had to walk a kilometer to reach to the bus stop. Then I had to take a bus to the place of reference, and from there if I don’t get a direct bus to the venue then one more bus. I reached the place and there were not more candidates waiting for bus, I thought there would be less competition today. Gradually the number increased. And the bus was not coming, it generally happens, the right bus does not arrive when you need it badly.
What I feared that happened, I and we did not get a direct bus and it was 7am, and we were all dropped by the bus at a place 7 kms away from the venue. There were many strugglers already waiting. Struggler is a synonym for Fresher. And to put an end to our misery a bus came, on the contrary it increased our melancholy. The strugglers were in a stampede to enter in to the bus and with in seconds it was over loaded.
I had to wait for another bus. And the same thing happened as if I was watching the replay.  Time was slipping away from hand. And the 3rd bus came, this time I forced myself into the bus.
It was 8 and there was a 400 meter long line of strugglers from the Admin block of the college to the gate of it.  My distance towards the admin block decreased and the length behind me was still able to manage its consistency. My number was 521 and I stood for two hours to reach to the registration counter.
We were led to seminar hall and there on the screen NDTV news was going on. Some SPS got bail in a molestation case, a ragged student who died two years ago the verdict of the case was there, the just-retired Pak-wicket keeper was addressing a press conference.
My turn came and I went for an online test, it was over at 1 pm and we were instructed to go to the auditorium.  As I came out there was a long snake like line of students waiting to appear the test.  There were those who had already appeared the test and the result was awaited.
We sat in the auditorium and the lights were off. And then there ‘3 idiots’ movie was played. And who would not enjoy such a good movie? Of course we were eager to know the results.  But the movie was on and we were completely into the movie.
The movie was paused and we wondered what the hell now interrupted. Some one entered, he was introduced as the HR of TCS and the announced a few names. They were selected. Rest of us had to wait and the movie continued.  There were a lot of interesting scenes in the movie that led us to laugh together, whistle and make some boisterous noise at times.  Towards the last of the movie there was a long kissing scene and that excited a lot of us. The movie was over. It helped us distract from tension. In a cinema hall the movie is over and the audience leaves the hall, but thus did not happen. The movie was over, but no one left the auditorium, the goal was the same, we all wanted to hear the result.
It started raining heavily.  And that was a bonus for us to be seated where we were. No results.  And ten more names were announced when it was 5pm and the rest could not be evaluated due to some problem, the authority announced. But he assured those who qualify they will be informed.
Who knew the heavy rain would wash away the results also? And the tired, battered strugglers started towards the bus stop and again they were in a fight to get into the bus.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Diwali of 2010

Another Diwali, the festival of lights. Children exited, youngsters delighted. I remember the last Diwali, I was in the hostel, in the college, and it was my final year of engineering. There was a campus drive, in which I got selected for that small company and I did not join as it was not reliable. Now I am writing this article in Bangalore where I am on a purpose. To get a job. I have been hearing the crackers bursting for last two days. The last Diwali I celebrated was the last in the college and it is really memorable for various reasons.  With friends of the hostel burning crackers in a mass and launching rockets to the Ladies Hostel and there is a boisterous cheer from girls. I miss my friends and those moments because now I cannot get all my friends, it was the hostel that bound us together and those moments as that time are gone.
This Diwali, there are not many friends with me now, just a few of them. Time has dragged us apart. Caged within the four walls with two windows through which noises can intrude, but poor sweet memories cannot escape. Alas!
Yesterday I was there to have my gift for this Diwali and I was unable to snatch it. I had to return back to room empty handed. I was not among the lucky 120 from the mass of 400 students; we were all there for a walk-in.
In the evening I will be hearing the crackers bursting. There will be light all around and people in a joyous mood. I wish everyone a happy Diwali and may your life be brightened.
However at the moment, this Diwali is a bit darker for me. Raat ko phthake phatenge, idhar apni phategi. And that to get a desired job. It’s all right. After dark there is light, but for that I have to fight. Hope the next Diwali will be a brighter one. As a fresher I am  wrestling with the situation to get a job.
The wick of the lamp burns, that’s why it can provide us light. I also have to burn.

Anyway, wishing you a very happy Diwali, my friends.