Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sena of destruction

Sena, the soldiers have caused enough devastation in Maharashtra. The sole purpose of sena should be protecting the people. The Sena boozed with power has gone mad. Like kinetic theory of gases in chemistry when the gas molecules have energy the keep on colliding till they lose their energy. In the same thing is with the sena. In Maharashtra the there was only one sena, later due to political family feud it was divided. One is led by Bal Thackray and Uddhab Thackray, the other is led by another Thackray Raj Thackray. Earlier it was Siva sena, and then another sena emerged Maharashtra NavaNirman sena (MNS).  These 2 senas have caused enough chaos in their home state, especially in Mumbai. Of course senas are very powerful there and they have not stopped its demonstration (how they misuse it).
Now if you want to display your power, then do it in a proper way. Now you would burn some author’s book or in valentine day the sena would go in a march that no one celebrates it. Sena does not even spare the TV shows. And now sena is eager to ban burkha. And the reason is that someone under burkha stole a baby from a hospital, this was seen in the footage of a camera. Is Banning burkha is way to stop that? Here they should have questioned about the security and the officials what they were doing when it happened? What the CCtv camera monitoring in-charge was doing? Instead they start anti-Muslim fulmination. People like you are responsible for creating gap between people.
Siva sena head Bal Thackray ka dimag kharab ho gaya hai due to his age. The MNS is doing nothing better. They have the only work to protest and those also absolutely baseless, insane. Once the MNS was protesting to change the official language and the documents of the state to be written in Marathi. It is good that you respect your state and the language and its culture. That does not mean that Marathalizing is the only way.
Such deeds can only cause a threat to the national integrity. You people will destroy the respect and esteem of your state that other people have towards your state.
And what an entrance music the young Aditya Thackray gave! Changed the syllabus of the Mumbai University. Like grandfather like the grandson. Ban a book, burn books. That’s how they treat and this is the culture of your family or state? Your father, grandfather and uncle have been in the same business. At least you as young and dynamic try to do something different in the same business, instead you followed suit. Launching of Yuva sena won’t make a difference if it goes the same way the other two senas are going. It will just be an integration to strengthen the extremist face. Another sena for the destruction of the image of Maharashtra.
If sena is so powerful in Mumbai then why it does not do what could be fruitful to the people. Why sena is eager to earn a bad name? Just retard from being the sena of destruction.

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