Sunday, October 31, 2010

The predicament of Being Arundhati Roy

“What does a writer do? A writer hones his or her own language, makes it as clear and private and individual as possible. And then you look around and see what’s happening to millions of people. You find yourself in the hear t of the crowd, saying things that millions of people are saying and it is not private and individual any more. How do you hold those two things down? These are very fundamental questions? This is why many writers are frightened of political engagement. They feel it is a risk, and yet I would rather do it than not.”
                                   -Arundhati Roy

And thus she does it again and again.

Arundhati Roy in her speech said:

- "Kashmir has never been an integral part of India. It is an historical fact. Even the Indian Government has accepted this."

That is the truth; the Hindu Maharaja of Kashmir had signed the pact to join India like other princely states.

Now defining the separatists as pro-freedom fighters she did it right, it is hard to say.

The thoughts and ideas of a writer comes out in any form, it cannot be quelled no matter how hard you try. A good writer is a good observer and she must have felt what she made into a speech that dragged her in to trouble. Read the last statement of the 1st paragraph, “They feel it is a risk, and yet I would rather do it than not.”

She is a troubled writer? If she were a politician she would have got political back up. A writer does not have a boundary.

Did she misuse freedom of speech? May be, may not be. If it stirs political disaster then it is of course a misuse. Kashmir has always been a catastrophic political issue, starting from the day of freedom if India. Her statement was enough to cause hullabaloo as India has been protecting Kashmir for a long time, which she stated as the colonialism of the country.

One simply complex question. The country that was under tyrant rulers, the country that was time and again invaded by outer powers, today that is the biggest democratic country of the world. Is it true??? I doubt. In India, dynasty politics is going on, still we are democratic.

There are voices that will rise again and again and there will be attempts to crash them. That happened hundreds of years ago and few decades ago. From Socrates to Suu-Kyi and today Arundhati Roy.

But a voice that has no shape, no volume, yet with a great weight and consuming space in our minds, can never be suppressed. We will hear them again and again till we are on right path.

A writer can give a true picture of life.

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