Monday, October 25, 2010

It is time for Hindu Fatwa

Indian Fatwa say it Hindu Fatwa? Queer, is not it? Fatwa is there in Islam. Why do they issue fatwa is beyond our understanding. Because once it was issued against Rushdie, he was in too much rush to disrespect Islam in his book and now it is again issued for Musharraf.  It was declared in the meeting of religious scholars and a group of politicians.
Fatwa means ‘fit to be murdered’. Pretty interesting, someone deserves to be murdered. And when in Islam, there is no punishment for this kind of murders rather you is rewarded. If you behead Musharraf, you will get Rs 1 billion and 1000 acres of land.
Alas! There is no such thing defined as Fatwa in Hindu religion. Don’t you think we also need a kind of system like Fatwa?  Fatwa, I feel is announced against someone when their religion is endangered or it is a tool for political murder. You can conceive how aggressive and alert they are.
As I was wondering Fatwa seemed to be a system that should also be introduced in our country also. Now in India if you kill someone then you get severe punishment, either death sentence or life imprisonment. But if it is for self defense then it can be excused. So in Hindustan fatwa should be an act of self defense. Now it is to think against who it should be issued? See, there are a lot of scenarios. Take an account of Kasab and the plight of Indian Judiciary System. They know what Kasab did, yet due to the democracy they even provide him a lawyer. Till now they are unable to reach to a conclusion. So if Justice is delayed in such cases and Indian Govt. has made him their Son in law, the fatwa, must be issued to kill him.
Take fatwa to a higher level. The one who is against India and its national integrity, he is fit to be murdered. The leaders who are trying to split our country due to their political and personal benefit, such kind of people must be sentenced to death by the people of India. Someone in India or outside India, goes against India must be beheaded whoever he or she is. Behead the corrupt who are making our country weak. No Obama no Osama, any PM, CM or any leader should not be spared.
We people know what is happening around us still we don’t care about it. If you don’t care, you will not be cared and that day arrives soon.
The people of India must dare take such decision for national pride, national integrity and unity of our country, our motherland. We for India, then only India is for us. Wake up, no more time to sleep.

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