Tuesday, October 12, 2010

India or Bharat???

If I were a kid I would not have bothered about it the least. And after the 63 years of the historical date that we says we became officially independent that day, no one even pays a few seconds of attention about it.
I have mentioned ‘it’ twice by now and if you are a wise reader, you must have developed an idea about what I am shouting at and about. It is something that has been perturbing me for a long time, almost about 4 years ago when I became self sufficient to discover new in old things. It even forced me to have it written in my diary ‘why it is so’ consuming a few pages.
Why my country has 2 names? Bharat and India.
In our constitution it is stated on the first page
                   ‘India that is Bharat..
Obviously one must be thinking why one should worry if a country has 2 names. A person can have 2 or 3 names. Lord Krishna has thousand names. Then why to put stress in our mind if our country has 2 names. Really we don’t sense much difference between Bharat and India.
Proud to be an Indian, we boast. Hope, after going through the article you may not feel the same pleasure.
Bharat, that we have converted into India today..
A very simple question to my readers,’ which country in the world except ours has 2 names at present?’
I did not feel like googling it, seeing that it would be wastage of my time. Take your time and answer me, it is a request.
If I were the Hitler born in this country, the I would have killed you for being an Indian and spared you for being a Bharatiya.
From the books of my school days I remember that there are 18 official languages and a lot of other local languages. I don’t have any idea whether another name exists for Bharat in those languages. In Oriya, Hindi, Telegu or Bengali or any other language it is the same Bharat. Is it different in the languages?
To develop the nation, to advance and communicate with the world we learnt the language English. But that does not justify that we should have a different name for our country in English. We have translated it. Simply. Why???????????
Why should we be using India instead of Bharat?
I know about the history of Bharat. The history of Bharat is very old and ancient. The name ‘Bharat’, I expect you people know how it came. The word ‘Bharat’ comes from the name of a dedicated character of Ramayana, Bharat a devoted brother of Lord Sri Ram. This brave prince used to count the teeth of lion in his childhood. In shastras, puranas, Vedas is there the word ‘India’ you find somewhere? In Ramayana or Mahabharata or Gita every where there is the word Bharat for this great country.
The younger Brother of Lord Sri Ram was not India, or Mahabharata is never MahaIndia or lord Krishna never said in Gita ‘Yada yadahi dharmasya glanirbhabati Indiye’.
The contribution of Bharat to the world is all these auspicious books, which are the store house of knowledge. Even great scientist Einstein used to read Gita.
This is a very small portion of the glorious history of Bharat. The history of Bharat is thousands of years old.
Now coming to the history of India, how old is it? Do you know when the word ‘India’ was coined and how did it come into existence? Of course it did not have its slightest hint earlier. As far as my knowledge is concerned, the word ‘India’ is not older than 400 years.
In 1600 A.D. the East India Company was formed, perhaps then the word occurred for the first time. I would say it the most convenient thing.
Many outsiders have invaded the country for a long time, but after British came and gradually took hold of the country. In 1857 the first movement for freedom of our country started, the intention was to drive them out of Bharat.
After a struggle of 90 years, in 1947 we at least succeeded to kick the out of our country. We became independent. Really?
Which was British India now we call that India .the name that developed during the British reign; we have adapted that without hesitation. We were so eager to defeat the British, and Bharat became independent? British India got freedom from British so it became India. But the glorious name that we should be using today remained in dark.
The real shame is only the people of this country know that the name of our country is Bharat (in regional languages). When it comes to English it is India and the whole world recognizes us as India and Indian.
The word India has replaced Bharat? It should not have happened. But it is happening.  Everywhere in the books, newspaper, in the currency and in the widely used internet and all other documents we use India. It feels like India has invaded Bharat.
If you are thinking I am a narrow-minded person, let it be. But I must argue here, you ought to think about it.
Did not the great leaders of our country who played very important role in freedom struggle muse over it? If they were alive today, I would have asked them.
The five or ten thousand years of Bharat is now humiliated by 400 year old India. And we are proud?
You must decide what you should be proud of. To bring ‘Bharat’ back, it will cause a great cost, because we are the reason it is lost today. So we should and must bring it back.
Now we want a glorified Bharat or stigmatized India, it is all up to us, we the people.
We can fight among ourselves to have a Bangaluru from Bangalore and for a Mumbai from Bombay. Cannot we people yearn for Bharat from India?
We have been lying dormant for a long time; it is no wiser to be in the same state.  


Raghu V N said...

Its nice to see that there are people who thinks like this...Nice post!! Anyway, in my personal view, nothing is there in a name but, what we do must define us(courtesy to a movie). The name 'India' is used just for foreigner's convenience, I guess.

Jai Hind!!


Chinmay Kumar said...

my friend if you want to do it for foreigner's convenience you might endanger your own existence and significance

Hari said...

India is the country where we live in. Bharat is a country where North Indians live in :)

Chinmay Kumar said...

Bharat lives under the cover called India.

and there should not be any north india or shouth india, remove India from all these 4 directions and we will get A Bharat.