Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Brand called Terrorism

Initially terrorism was the only word that all the people knew as the effect of the deeds of terrorists. Terrorists, the kind of people with or without guns or some kind of antisocial group.
There was no category of terrorism. Now a days I see it is very wide spread, not limited or enclosed with in boundary or a region or mentality.
It seems there are various kinds of terrorism are socialized and widely acceptable, except those caused by the militant groups like Al-kaida, Lasker-e-toeba, jaish-e-Mohammed.
When the word 'terrorism' is socialized, commercialized, politicalized and popularized why should I stay behind?
How many types of terrorism are there? Think for a while and make a list. I also mused over it for some time and I discovered a few. As I will go on narrating about them you just match them to the list you have prepared.
There is one 'terrorism' that each and everyone knows that came at first and no need to mention about it. The rest of all come with a suffix or prefix to the word terrorism.
One month ago, home minister PC warned about 'saffron terrorism' and here Hindu Terrorists are involved according to him. He meant to say now Hindus are becoming terrorists. (Earlier there were other people who were in this job. This seems like a new drama.)
There were sudden hike in food and petroleum product prices like sudden explosion. What the poor will do? If a bomb explodes few people die and some get injured. In this blast people of the whole nation suffered (except paisawala). What would you say it? Price Terrorism.
You people must be watching TV. Of course it is rare to find a house without TV. And you can exclude Sarad Pawar from it, he does not have a TV and that's why he could not watch news that was showing the videos of rotten food grains.
Now you responsible citizens of our country must be watching news. There are so many news channels azz tak, kal tak, this news, that news, star news, war news and…. The people who watch news are really audacious because watching news is tantamount to watching a horror show. I also take interest in the horror show like Aahat, X-zone. But the day I watch news on some channel, the above shows don't really affect me. They represent a blob as a bomb. As the TV serials show a disclaimer in the beginning, the news channels should show caution.
Now if someone comes and shouts on your screen 'chain se sona hai to jag jao' or cries 'sansani, uske upper aur ek sansani'. The one who represents it he himself looks like a criminal. One news channel I strictly suggest you not to watch that is 'INDIA TV'. I am ready to bet, you frequently watch the channel for a week and how brave you be on the 8th day you will no more be the same. All thanks to media terrorism.
Now, I will introduce one more category. Have you heard of white-terrorists? No. Then be careful. These are the terrorists in white clothes, they fight with themselves, and they have different groups. The groups clash among themselves and as consequence innocent citizen of the country are hurt. Despite of all the criminal records and wrong doings we don't call then terrorists, they are known as politician instead. They can drag the country towards light or opposite side, depends on them. Almost everyone is afraid of white terrorists.  I think you people know why. They are morally so immoral beyond your imagination. In the first category of terrorist there are suicide bombers who can kill themselves to achieve their goal but these white terrorists can kill any number of people to save themselves and the seldom commit suicide.
It would be so unfair if I drop America from the terrorist category. I don't know when terrorism became Americanized but it happened. From Daddy Bush to Son Bush and till now America is buying and selling terrorism. What I should tell you about America? To enter any country and distort its political balance and peace can only be termed as a terrorist activity; this does not need any example.
And now I define such a threat in which people only think of themselves and their family and no other thing. What has made him so weak that he turns his face away from the country? What has made him a coward? I don't find an exact word for it, may be personal terrorism. You are only worried about keeping your family safe. And what about the country which you say your motherland? Your country stays secure then only your existence with independence is confirmed.
If we go an analyzing, there will be no end to it and where it all begun no one knows. To put a full stop to this misery we have to take a step at first, to wake up mentally. After that perhaps something can be done so wake up, terrify terrorism, that's one of the ways.

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Ravikiran said...

Well said dude..
Actual terrorist attacks happen once in few days but people suffering from many more terrorist attacks daily.